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how does the government affect our lives?

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Lydia Miner

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of how does the government affect our lives?

The consensus at Stonington was that the government does affect the lives of everyday Americans... in both good and bad ways. Students spoke about taxes, employment, healthcare, education, and the decisions that the government sometimes "makes for us." The government affects the lives of Americans. An article by Professor Douglas J. Amy called "A Day in Your Life" explains how much the government is involved in everyday life. This varies from the time on your alarm clock kept by the National Institute of Standards and Technology that might wake you up in the morning... ...to the safety and effectiveness of medications because of the FDA... ...and the security of unemployment insurance in case you lose your job. As a high school student, it's difficult to picture how much the government affects everyday life. Without government funding, Stonington High School wouldn't exist. There wouldn't be police officers to enforce laws... ...or roads to break laws on. When it comes down to it... How DOES the government affect our lives? There would be no government employed teachers. However, if a student has a job, taxes are deducted from his or her paycheck. If a student drives, he or she has to obey driving laws. Students have to go to school because the government has mandated education for children and teenagers under 18. The government also protects students' and adults' rights. Alles, Michael. "Government Governance." International Journal of Governance and Discole (2010): n. pag. Proquest. Web.

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