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Change Making

The projects we do after work

Peter Arvai

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Change Making

Prezi is Proud to Present
Change Making
since 2008
since 2009
since 2012
since 2012
1school building
1shower house
50+ windows
1 room
1community house
Our first year, we started a tradition of renovating the houses in poor communities instead of throwing a holiday party. (We just partied later.)
In 2009, Prezi was the first company to ever participate in the Budapest pride festival. We were escorted by guards.
Our culture, and the stories we tell, matter. Whether positive or negative, many of these stories become self-fulfilling prophecies. Optimism is not enough to create a positive change, but it is a requirement.
The conversation with my uncle made my move to Hungary meaningful, it gave it an extra sense of purpose. We had a chance to build a successful company while staying true to who we are. Prezi is about respecting our roots, enjoying our present, and shaping our future.
I have a vivid memory of four years ago when my uncle picked me up from the Budapest airport. It was the day I met my future Prezi co-founders. But before that fortuitous meeting, something my uncle said to me made a very deep impression.
“There’s no work, unless you want to work for a faceless multinational. Young people don’t have any cause for hope. Nothing good will ever come out of this country.”
is no
Our goal is to prove that people can change the world in just two days. We often work in Roma villages together with the locals. Together, we solve the impossible - it's a deep experience of overcoming doubts for everyone involved.
We've kept this tradition as we've grown from 8 people to 120 Prezilians.
The experience shapes us as much as we shape these communities. Connecting with new people allows us to learn about ourselves and others.
In 2013 we established http://nyittotakvagyunk.hu together with Google and Espell. This year 500 Hungarian companies and communities signed up to promote openness in their organizations.
Let's change that idea!
We're mentors of Roma children who want to study at a university. We provide an understanding ear for the things that might be difficult for these teens to discuss with their parents. Often, we get back way more than we give.
Guatemala stove project
Based on our estimated CO2 emissions (yes, we travel a lot!), we determined a way to help offset our yearly carbon footprint.
At the same time, it saves lives.
Fact: Air pollution from indoor cooking fires kills more people than any other form of air pollution (including car exhaust, emissions from coal-fired power plants, and factory emissions).
Building stoves helps communities in highly deforested areas use less wood to heat their food.
Million users
The foundation for everything here is a product our users appreciate and a great team - but this story is about how we engage with our surroundings.
BridgeBudapest provides fellowships to Hungarian students and based on their experience their experience some of them have already begun build their own companies.
We brought together Hungary's most successful entrepreneurs from Ustream, Logmein, and Prezi to start spreading stories that show how a good idea, hard work, and a bit of luck can make anything possible.
If you're like us, then you recognize that not every topic is easy to talk about - especially when you're a teen. Yet the decisions we make as teenagers affect our trajectories for a lifetime.
There are few things as inspiring as watching somebody spreading their wings for the first time and taking flight.
this documentary inspired us a lot
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