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Pink Floyd

No description

sereena hothi

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
About The Band Members!
Full name: Goerge Roger Waters
Occupation: Musician, Singer, songwriter and composer.
Wife: Carolyn Christie and Laurie Durning
Born: Sept. 6th 1943 UK [age 70]
Children: India and Harry Waters
Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Syd Barret
Richard Wright
Nick Mason
Bob Klose
Full name: Roger Keith Syd Barrett
Born: Jan.6 1946 UK
Girlfriend: Iggy

Occupation:Painter and Guitarist.
Fun fact: founder of the band
Mom: Mary waters
Dad: Eric waters
Full Name: David Jhon Gilmour
Occupation: English musician, singer, songwriter,
Born: March 6 1946 [age 67 ] UK

Mom: Sylvia Gilmour Dad: Douglas Gilmour
Spouse: Polly Samson, Ginger Gilmour
Children: Charlie, Sara, Mathew , Gabriel ,Alice ,Romany, Clare and Joe Gilmour
Siblings: Peter Gilmour, Jodi Gilmour
Full name: Richard William Wright
Born: July, 28 1943 UK
Spouse: Milfred Hobbs, Franka White, Juliette Gale
Mom: Bridie Dad: Cedric
Siblings: Selina And Guinevere Wright
Children: James, Gala And Ben Wright
Fun Fact: Richard Wright left 24 million euros for his children
Full name:Nicolas Berkley Mason
Born: Jan.27 1944 UK

Spouse:Nettyie mason
Mom: Lindy Dad:Bill
Children: Chole, Cary, Holly and Guy mason
Siblings:Tony mason
Full name: Rado Robert Garcia Klose
Nickname: Bob Klose
Occupation: Musician and photographer.
Fun Fact: Still living and playing guitar
Born: !945 UK
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Obscured By Clouds
The Final Cut
Soundtrack From The Film More
A Sauceful Of Secrets
The Division Bell
The Wall
Piper Gates Of Dawn
Atom Heart Mother
Wish You Were Here
The Darkside Of The Moon
Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd
Delicate Sound Of Thunder
Shine On
A Collection Of Great Dance Songs
A Nice Pair
Oh, By The Way
Is There Anybody There?
Tonite Lets All Make Love In London
The Best Of Pink Floyd: The Fool In The Door
An Introduction To Syd Barrett
The Best Of Pink Floyd/The Masters Of Rock
What was Pink Floyd's inspiration? The Beatles. The Beatles were Pink Floyd's inspiration. David Gilmour says. They were all huge Beatle fans. Also that there would be no Pink Floyd without them.
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Darkside Of The Moon
Speak To Me
Breathe In The Air
On The Run
The Great Gig In The Sky
Us And Them
Any Color You Like
Brain Damage
Love, Pain And Sorrow
Pigs On the Wing
Drop From Top

Fun Facts.....
Shine on you crazy diamond is about Syd Barrrett because he left the band in his late 60's due to personal problems.
David Gilmour once played a song with Paul Mckartney [Paul Mckartney is from the Beatles.]
The band was named after 2 american blue musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council
Darkside of the moon nearly spent 15 years [723 weeks]on the billboard top 200 albums charts and to date sold 28 million copies.
Dark Side Of The Moon still sells approximately 8,000 copies a week in the U.S.
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn was recorded at the Abbey Road Studios while the beatles were there making Sgt. Pepper.
Quiz Time!!!!
Was Syd Barrett's real name Roger?
Was Nick Mason wearing red in his picture?
Why did Syd Barrett leave the band.?
Who was Pink Floyd inspiration?
How long did Dark Side Of The Moon stay on the billboard?
Total: 30
Hope You Liked Our Presentation!!!!!!
Sereena And Melina
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