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Lucy Knox

No description

abby uhl

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Lucy Knox

Lucy Knox
Lucy Knox was born June 10th 1756 and she died August 2nd 1824 at 64 years of age.
Early life
Lucy betrayed her wealthy parents to marry Henry Knox.
Describing Lucy
Lucy had brown eyes and brown hair. She was described as fun loving and a woman of much tact. She had a good nature and good judgement.
Lucy married Henry Knox on June 16th, 1774. They had thirteen children,but only three lived to adulthood.
Patriot or loyalist?
Lucy Knox was the daughter of Thomas Flucker who was a Loyalist and the Royal Secretary of the province of Massachusetts. She married Henry Knox who was a Patriot. Lucy went against her parents ways and also became a Patriot.
Career or job
Like many other women she was a wife and mother.
She escaped Boston when General Thomas Gage wouldn't let anyone leave to join the Patriots. When she left, she had Henry's sword sewn in her cape. She gave numerous years to fighting for freedom. She shared her food with starving men and gave aid to the sick and injured.
She was born into an aristrocratic family and received a good education.
Fun Facts
1. The soilders called her Madam Knox and Lady Knox.
2. Her maiden name was Lucy Flucker.
3. She married at the age of seventeen.
4. Lucy's husband Henry died because he swallowed a chicken bone. (The sharp bone punctured his esophagus)
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