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Miranda Griffin

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Basketball

The cell is like a basketball team.
A group of organized structures that perform specific functions.
The nucleus is like the coach. They tell you what to do during a game.
The cell membrane is like the out of bounds line. It's the perimeter of the court.
The cell wall is like the building walls because it protects the playing area.
Cell Wall
The mitochondria is like the team dinner before a game because it provides you energy.
The vacuole is like our locker rooms. It stores the sports equipment.
The cytoplasm is like the gymnasium because it holds everything in place.
The chloroplasts are like fans in the stands because they give the team mental energy.
E. R.
The endoplasmic reticulum is like the bus because it transports the team to different arenas.
Golgi Body
The Golgi body is like the bleachers because it stacks like pancakes.

The nucleolus is like the concession stands because it produces food for people.
The ribosomes are like food that gives players energy.

Cell Membrane
The lysosomes are like our Beta Club because they clean up after the boys/girls games.
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