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Ecological footprints

No description

Nika Ahmadi

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Ecological footprints

ECOLOGICAL FOOT PRINT What IS IT? It is a concept used to measure the total area needed by people to provide resources for consumption Trade Carrying Capacity Living Plant Report Published in 2000 by World Life Fund

Uses Living Planet Index

Used to quantify changes in earth's ecosystems 10 billion usuable hectares
of useable land, leaving each
person with 1.7 hectares

In the past 30 years, human
consumption has exceeded what
earth's natural systems can
provide by 20%

When resource demands exceed
natures supply Statistics Canadians ecological footprint= 4.8 hectare
2.9 --> Energy
1.1 --> Agriculture
0.6 --> Forest Production
0.2 --> Housing & Transportation How Long?
Best Foot Forward Measures enviornmental impacts Increase from 37 % to 250%! ----> = Changes To Help Reduce
Size of Ecological Footprint Increase in use of public transit
Improved waste recycling
New environmental policies
Global development program

Negative Impact of Large
Ecological Footprints Decline in world's biodiversity
Disappearing forests
Unsustainable fishing practices
Population growth
Growing levels of industrialization
and consumption General Information
Developing countries will not have to go through the gradual steps to
more environmentally friendly methods of production
Environmental state-of-the-art-technolgy
Coal burned more efficiently with far less pollution compared to the past Example: Countries like China could utilize
technology, conserving energy and reducing pollution

This assumes that those developing technology are willing to share their technological expertise or at least offer to sell it Thank You! :)
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