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The College Moving Co.


Chris Harris

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of The College Moving Co.

The College Moving Co. The College Moving Co. Five Year Plan Founders Chris and Brandon Harris

Alumn and Current UGA Student Ambition Passion Freedom Mission Statement To offer ambitious students formidable entrepreneurship skills while providing an affordable, alternative moving service. Develop The College Moving Co. Family

Expand two college
campuses per summer

Create awareness as a
reputable moving service

Receive business from 1%
of total student body per campus
Founded : Summer 2010
Athens, Ga
36 Moves & Counting Background Student Owned Student Operated Survey Results

Out of 100 Athens Students,
77 said they would consider using student owned, student operated moving service

Ordinal scale 1-3
results showed price as most important factor. Avg. answer 2.3 Become an affiliate partner of Universities Student Benefits Provide professional service at lesser costs "We pride ourselves
on excellence and satisfaction"
-The College Moving Company Commitment Basic Rates www.CollegeMovingCo.com College Moving Co.

The "Red Shirt"
-Dorms and one (1) bedroom apts. $75-$250

The "JV" Move
-Two (2) bedroom apts. $150-$350

The "Varsity" move
-Two (2) bedroom apts.
(plus living area) $225-$450

-The "Full Ride" move
-Three (3) bedroom apts
(plus living area) $315-$650 "Special Teamer"

Per 2 people
-Both receive our 10% referral discount
(grand total 20% off total move)

Per 3 people
-All 3 people receive 10% off moves
(grand total 30% off total move

Per 4 people
-All 4 people receive 10% off
(grand total 40% off total move

Bundle Moves
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