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ESP as approach, not a product

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joseph kevin rustia

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of ESP as approach, not a product

Characteristics of ESP
Now a days, many learners are hungry for materials and advise that will help them with their specific course or particular skills related to their course.
Classification of ESP
Users of Business English:
Most of English - medium communications in business are non-native speaker (NNS)
It is said that non-English managers can understand english better than an english language speaker
ESB is an umbrella term
Characteristics of Business English
EAP refers to any English teaching that relates to a study purpose
students whose first language id not English may need help with both the languages of academic disciplines and specific study skills required for the course
EAP is one movement with ESP
English For Academic Purposes
ESP as approach, not a product
"ESP is the language for getting things done throughout the world" (Dudley - Evans and St John)
EST: English for Science and Technology
project reports preparation
EAP: English for Academic Purposes
English for Business Purposes: EBP
EOP : English for Occupational Purposes
EVP: English for Vocational Purposes
designed to meet specified needs of the learner
related to contents to particular disciplines, occupations and activities etc.
centered on language activities in syntax, lexis, discourse, semantics, and analysis of the discourse
In contrast with General English
may not be taught according to pre-ordained methodology
may be restricted to the learning skills to be learned
English for Academic Purposes or EAP
English for Business Purposes or EBP
EMP: English for Medical Purposes
written medical communication
paper and slide preparation
ESP isn't
ELP: English for Legal purposes
academic legal writing
judicial writing
legislative writing
b. ESP is not just a matter of science words and grammar for scientist, so on. When we look at the tree, there's actually much hidden from view inside and beneath the tree although we know the leaves and the branches. They are supported by a complex underlying structure. The point is we need much more communication than just the surface features of what we read and hear and also we need to distinguish between performance and competence in relation to what people actually do with the language and the range of knowledge and abilities which can enables them to do it.
a. ESP is not a matter of teaching ''specialized varieties'' of English because the fact that language is used for a specific purpose. There are some features which can identified as ''typical'' of a particular context of use, and which , so, the learners is more perhaps to meet in the target situation.
c. ESP is not different in kind from any other form of language teaching. It based on the principles of effective and efficient learning. Even though the content of the learning is different, the processes of learning should be any different for the ESP learner than for the general english learner.
Characteristics of ESP Courses
Carter (1983) discusses three characteristics of ESP courses
Authentic Material
Purpose-related orientation
Hutchinson et al (1987:19) state
ESP is an approach to language teaching in which all of the decisions as to content and method are based on the learner's reason of learning
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