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Cold Sassy Tree by O. A. Burns

Novel study assignment

Ameen K

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Cold Sassy Tree by O. A. Burns

by Olive Ann Burns Cold Sassy Tree Welcome to Cold Sassy Cold Sassy is a fictional town set in Georgia, 1906.It's name is derived from the beautiful sassafras trees that marked the town. The story begins with the death of Willis Tweedy's grandmother. Will is a 14-year-old boy growing up in changing times. Will observes life change around him as his grandfather, the recent widower, marries young Miss Love Simpson. Jealousy, taboos, first love, and two more funerals await
Will Tweedy's rocky teenage world. Loma Blakeslee Williams,
Her Book.

Presented to
Hoyt Willis Tweedy,
July 1906 Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep From which none ever wake to sleep…. Mrs. Mattie Lou Blakeslee, a sacred mother of Israel, has gone to receive the crown of righteousness which God has promised to all those who love His appearing. Born Matilda Louise Toy, great-granddaughter of Capt. Josiah Toy who pioneered the settlement of Cold Sassy in 1804, she embraced the religion of our Blessed Master when young. Since that time of her life and character has been that of a pure Christian ministering to the comfort of all, especially her beloved husband and consort, E. Rucker Blakeslee of this city, who must now walk alone. The Blakeslee Family Granny Blakeslee's coffin full of roses Since that time of her life and character has been that of a pure Christian ministering to the comfort of all, especially her beloved husband and consort, E. Rucker Blakeslee of this city, who mus now walk alone.She gave up this life “As one who wraps the draperies of his couch about him and lies down to pleasant dreams.” We must believe that the gates of Heaven were thrown open to receive her ransomed spirit, and that a crown resplendent with glory was placed upon her peaceful brow whilst the plaudit “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” echoed and re-echoed through the mansions of bliss…. Mattie Lou Blakeslee The funeral begins Matilda Louise Toy, born April 10, 1850, in Cold Sassy Community, Jackson County, Georgia.
Married Enoch Rucker Blakeslee May 27, 1871.
-Mary Willis, born March 5, 1872
-Loma Louise was born Dec. 6, 1886. Matilda Louise Toy, died June 14, 1906 Lightfoot McLendon 3-WEEKS-WIDOWER ELOPES Cold Sassy's general merchandise store proprietor E. Rucker Blakeslee and Miss Love Simpson elope 3 weeks after the death of Matilda Louise Blakeslee, leaving... Remaining relatives of E. R. Blakeslee are at a loss for words. Cold Sassy has never seen an incident such as this as of... Atlanta Constitution Tri-Weekly Mill Girl Saves Town Boy from Tracks July 6, 1906 Willis Tweedy, aged 14, was run over by a train at Blind Tillie Trestle yesterday evening.
The train's engineer tried to reach to a stop but was unsuccessful. Willis Tweedy survived by laying flat between the rails while the train rushed over him. A mill girl helped him out of the tracks after the Returning to town as a hero,
Willis Tweedy was welcomed
by a crowd of ecstatic people.
He was aided so safely reach
his home and was comforted... Cold Sas Although the town council members have decided that we be against in allowing cotton mill folks to mix and mingle with the children of our fair city, the school board voted to close the mill school and let the mill children attend the town's ... September, 1903 Me Miss Love Baltimore 1888 The Subject: Throw Off the Yoke of Oppressor Man!

Miss Hannah Less, the Long-Tongued Orator

Will Emit Impassioned Yawps at Borough Hall

7 O'clock Monday Night!

The Belva E. Lockwood Quartette

Will Furnish Discord!

Come One, Come All

And Bring Your Chewing Gum! Cold Sassy's first automobile
Papa's gift for Mama Dear Will,

Your grandfather and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you are doing at our house. I hope Mr. Beautiful is behaving.

Miss Love Cold Sassy, Georgia
Avenue St. 132 Blakeslee's Big Surprise
Bands, Parade, Free Gifts! Uncle Camp's last words i hope god will forgive me so i can meet you in heven.
plese dont be mad i have plan it so you wont be the one to fine me.

yr lovin husban
Campbell Williams.

p.s. i fixt the fawsit The happiest funeral in the world
God rest grandpa Blakeslee To my dearly beloved wide Love Simpson Blakeslee, to my beloved daughters Mary Willis Blakeslee Tweedy and Loma Blakeslee Williams, to my beloved son-in-law Hoyt Tweedy, who is like a son to me, to my grandsons Hoyt Willis Tweedy and Campbell Williams Junior, and to my granddaughter Mary Toy Tweedy:
In case you ain't all noticed, the first three letters of the word funeral spells FUN. So a week or two after I die, you all have a dinner on the grounds at one of the churches, or if they aint in favor, have it at the ball park. I don't care which. I think a Wednesday at one o'clock would be fine since the stores close anyhow. I hope everybody in Cold Sassy will come, white and colored. Have a happy get together with kinfolks and old friends. Tell funny stories about me and such. Now you all can cry and wear black at my burying if you want to, but I don't want nobody at the funeral party to wear black or cry either one. Dont go if you cant be pleasant. If you do go, dress up and act happy. You can cry later. Grandpa Blakeslee's Will ... a month after we buried him in the coffin box, the U.S. Post Office approved a new name, and Cold Sassy became Progressive City... ...The next spring the town council voted to widen the road on each side of the railroad tracks, which meant the Cold Sassy tree had to go... Postcard from New York City
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