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Copy of Cardiff Three

A law case which wrongly convicted three men of killing the prostitute Lynette White. This was known as a Miscariage of Justice.

Luke Mcleod

on 1 July 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Cardiff Three

Timeline of Events What allegedly happened? 1988 - Lynette White, a Cardiff
prostitute is murdered by been
stabbed 50 times in her flat. 10 days after the murder the police have their first suspect. 10 months later the investigation took
a dramatic turn, the police arrested 8 other men,
7 of them were black. Three of them were released
and 5 blacks were charged with murder. In 1990 three men, Mr Paris, Mr Abdullahi
and Mr Miller were convicted of White's
murder in a trial lasting 117 days! The two other
men were aquitted. Mr Miller, 26, had a mental age
of an 11 year old. After a 2 and a half year stint in Wormwood Scrubs
prison, London the men were realeased after an inquest
was held by the Court of Appeal. They ruled the conviction was
unsafe and unsatisfactory. What really happened? Jeffrey Gafoor Gafoor went to Cardiff docks to find a prostitute.
Gafoor was arrested in early 2003.
His blood was matched after a family member gave the police a DNA sample and it was found to have a similar profile. In 2009, the case was reopened yet again, however these incidents were unrelated with the crime itself. 13 Police officers investigating the case 21 years previously, are on suspected charges of perverting the course of justice. In addition to this the two prostitutes who had "helped" the police earlier in the trial, are being held on charges relating to lying after swearing an oath. They supposedly, "manipulated, fabricated and
moulded" evidence. 15 out of 34 suspects held by police because of
the miscarriage of justice, have now been charged. This has made it the largest arrest of
people, who have been convicted due to mistakes made in a miscarriage of justice. This does not compensate the suffering that Lynettes family has enjured and in addition to this, the suffering the Cardiff Three have undergone.
"Our lives have been utterly destroyed by being branded brutal murderers."
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