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Marketing Plan

No description


on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Plan

RAGU Marine

- No pop-up stores and stores because we are a
dermatologic brand
and not beauty brand

- We have improve our knowledge about the competition

- We have understand why Avène is unique

- Our opportunities in the SWOT have been revised

Avène's portofolio :
II. Situation Analysis
- Avène offers wide range of products for
, which are its principal target. Its product range is made by products for the skin, as cream for the body, sun products and make-up

I. Introduction
II. Situation Analysis
Mission :
We have to take care of every man in their diversity
A new digital strategy :
focus on the use of internet websites, blogs and social networks
-> Avène bets on famous bloggers and on its
website which proposes personal services as “mon espace Avène”.
-> Creation of a YouTube channel

Performance :
- 2013 turnover of Pierre Fabre : 2008M Euros
- Dermo-cosmetics turnover : 1089 M Euros = 54% of the global turnover

II. Situation analysis :
1. Internal environment
2. External environment
The dermo-cosmetic market in France :
- A young market which is rapidly growing
- 2013: a particularly dynamic year with a growth around 3.6%
- 2013: 33,5% of the skincares’ purchases in France are made in pharmacies and chemist’s.

Key competitors :
Cosmetic and dermatologic products like oil for skin, cleansing lotion, face masks, facial scrubs etc

Products competitors :
- High quality products that are composed of

- Good brand image

- Affordable products

- Poor communication and promotion

- Limited distribution

- Growing demand on dermo-cosmetic products

- Challenger brand on this market
- High competition

- Mature market

- New brands penetrating the market
Avène’s is in a mature market where the competition is intensive. So the company has to
become more visible

one of the references

of the dermo-cosmetic brands
thanks to the “Eau thermale” which is the most important component that makes up all Avène's products
III. Marketing goals and objectives
Avène’s goal :
Avène’s objective :
IV. Overarching marketing strategy
Creation of a
new key product

a new serum

Improving our communication:
articles on

blogs, promotion of our spa, Avène’s website, a higher presence on social networks, and an advertising campaign in public transports and magazines based on our new serum

Opening Avène’s flagship store:

-> Reinforce its positioning and its brand image
-> Presentation of our new serum to the press and the customers with Sophie Marceau
Competitive advantages :
Eau Thermale
that is the main component of Avène's products and Avène's

that proposes a cure with diseases' treatments
V. New marketing strategy
Avène divides its market in three pieces:

Customer target market :

Avène's main target since its creation is the
. It proposes them high-quality products made of « Eau Thermale » like facial skincare, body care, solar products and also make-up.

V. New marketing strategy
Avène needs to
reinforce its positioning
by :

- Creating a
star product
like a new serum and promoting it thanks to
with Sophie Marceau

Reinforcing its communication
policy by using more endorsement, more adverts (in public transports and magazines), and more promotion (organization of events)

- Opening its own

and inviting Sophie Marceau as our guest and the press to present our new serum

Avène’s unique customers benefits:
Products resolve customers’ skins problems by taking care of them thanks to its high-quality products made of “Eau thermale”

Perceptual positioning map
V. New marketing strategy
New product strategy

We won't change anything in Avène's price strategy because it proposes affordable products, which is one of the brand's strengths.
Create and commercialize a
new star product
(a serum) made of "Eau thermale"

at an affordable price of 35€.
New Place strategy :

: organization of events
with Sophie Marceau
(magazines, subway, buses, social networks, blogs)
VII. Marketing implementation
We will base our marketing strategy on every of our customers and not on a few ones because we are in a mass-marketing approach
VIII. Evaluation and control
We will use
forms of control :
The implementation through change
improvement of our
and a
huge advertising campaign
==> change in our habits ==> more communication on the
loyalty card
s for our customers and some
will be
on our products.
The implementation through consensus
we will
ask our employees
their feelings about the brand, its products and its communication and
make them participate
to the changes we need to do.

We will use
different metrics
to measure our implementation tasks :


Our objectives are to increase market share at 20% and to acquire new customers. For this, we will
measure our market share

every 2 weeks
and measure
our new followers
on social networks
every weeks

Our financial objective is to increase sales revenue by product and to make our new serum a best seller. For that we will
measure the sales of new serum

every week
and we will see its rank on chemist’s stores

We will need to
measure customer awareness
and so know which dermo-cosmetic brand they like the most with questionnaires on chemist’s and on our website, the
customer attitudes
(use of the internet, comments on the products), the
customer satisfaction
with quizz and the
customer loyalty
to know if we really have loyal customers to our brand or not, measured by the number of loyalty card we will receive, and what we need to change.

- Avène also has a range of products for
- Create and commercialize
a new key product
(a serum)

Reach a 20% of market shares
in the dermo-cosmetic market
35 €
This serum targets women with a mature skin.
Creation of Avène's own
flagship store
This new place will be the only store where the all ranges of Avène will be sold exclusively, and the all display will be chosen by the brand.

= Avène's showcase
Then, we will
commercialize our new key product
, but it will take time. The commercialization of our new product will only be possible in 6 to 9 months, not less
We will ask
Sophie Marceau to endorse
our brand and our new serum. She is perfect for us : a French celebrity who is loved and admired by many French people and particularly by the women who are Avène’s main target.
We will
improve our communication
. The brand has to be more visible on social networks, starting now
We will
open our own flagship store
just before the commercialization of our new product
0 to 3 months
3 to 6 months
6 to 9 months
Improvement of our communication
Promotion of our new serum
+ opening of our flagship
Commercialization of our new serum
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