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Circuit Assembly Presentation

Circuit Assembly Corporation Sales Presentation 2013

Jeff Nguyen

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Circuit Assembly Presentation

Milena Flament
CA University
What's New
Part Search
Cable Assemblies
Circuit Assembly is Growing
Circuit Assembly has teamed up with franchised stocking distributors
Can we be of service?
Proponent of the
"Flipped" Classroom
Key Supplier for Connectors and Cables
Circuit Assembly is an international company
We now have over 400 employees in our Shen Zhen, Taiwan and Irvine offices
Circuit Assembly is a key supplier in several markets
Solar Power
Data/Video Storage
Come see why we are the best at what we do
Circuit Assembly was founded in 1969
Circuit Assembly was launched in 1969 in Costa Mesa, CA and later moved headquarters to Irvine, CA in 1982
We opened our Shen Zhen, China manufacturing facility in 1996 and later built a new factory in 2001.
Display Port
Mini Display port
Connectors/Cord Sets
Residential Installations
Junction boxes/Couplers
Public Utility Buildings
Solar Farms (power plants)
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels
Installers and Integrators
Connectors/Cable Interconnects used in:
Audio amplification
Musical Instruments (guitars/keyboards)
Sound Reinforcement
Recording and Rehearsal Studios
Pro audio/lighting
Digital audio
Custom Audio
Member: NAMM
National Association of Music Merchants
High Reliability Connectors and Cables
Infusion Pumps
Medical Dispensing
Surgical Robotics
Home Security
Connectors and Cables
Wired smoke detectors
Battery harness
Board level connectors
Surveillance cameras
Providing customers with quality product and services
Meeting customers' needs and expectations
Fostering an atmosphere that encourages continuous growth
Cultivating cooperation and mutual respect with employees and suppliers
Heilind Electronics, Inc
Mann Organization
Strategic Investment
Internal Capitalization
Ability to invest in expansion of production to meet customer demand
Ability to invest in design/tooling/production of new customer driven products
Creative Innovation
Customer Design
Experienced interconnect designer and manufacturer for major computer peripheral and instrumentation manufacturers
CA Design
Expertise in design and manufacturing with four decades of knowledge
Guaranteed optimal performance level
Modification of Existing
Modification of a standard design to whatever the application requires
Personalized Service
Individualized service
Knowledgeable experts
Customer oriented
Quick feedback
Live phone/chat customer service representative
Quality Management System
Registered to ISO 9001 since 1999
China: Intertek
Environmental Management
Registered to ISO 14001
RoHS Directive
REACh Directive
Expertise in Connectors
Advanced interconnect systems for the data/video storage and solar industries
Standardized configurations
Customized configurations for specific applications
Patented Insulation Displacement Technology in many socket/plug configuration and cable assemblies
Expertise in Cables
Vertically integrated to produce cable assemblies
UL Wiring Harness Factories
UL Recognized Components
Testing for:
EMI, General Cable, USB Certification, HDMI 1.4 and other industry standards
Circuit Assembly Taiwan Sales and Marketing facility was established in 1984
We are expanding across the globe
We have Representatives throughout the United States
Created to allow consumers and small businesses to buy directly from us
Customized Products
Production Flexibility
Quality Product
Volume production with consistent quality levels
Fast turnaround on prototypes and production tooling to your customized needs
CA Simplifies Product Design
Circuit Assembly Quality Policy
Circuit Assembly is committed to achieving customer satisfaction and confidence
Through continuous improvement of our Quality System, and with focus on building customer and supplier partnerships, we will better understand and respond to our customer needs today and tomorrow
50% Savings in Material Cost
Original design required 3pcs MC4 connectors and one additional adapter
New design accomplished same function with a single connector
Solar Panel System
Q Active Long Reach Mini Displayport to Displayport Extension Cables
LXI Terminators and Cable Assemblies
SFP+ and QSFP+ Cables
Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables
What are we up to now?
Industries thinnest and lightest copper interaction
Lengths up to 30 meters
3x range increase over passive copper cables
Lower cost, lower power and more reliable than fiber optics
Circuit Assembly is a featured supplier of LXI cables and terminators
Used in LXI test equipment
Latest evolution of communications for instrumentation in the Test & Measurement industry
What are LSZH Cables?
Why Use LSZH Cables?
Got an LSZH request?
Made from thermoplastic compounds that emit limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to heat
Used in confined space with large amount of cables in close proximity
airplanes, ships, mass transit rail systems, military applications, central offices, and other poorly ventilated areas
More fire-resistant compared to common PVC jacketed cables
Produce low white smoke and less toxic fumes
Reduce the spread of flames
Environmentally friendly
Safe evacuation measures
Lighter weight
Excellent Fire and Safety Characteristics
SFP+ Cable
QSFP+ Cable
Switches/Routers/HBA/Base station
Networks & Storage Device
Fiber Channel
InfiniBand SDR/DDR/QDR
10Gbps Ethernet
Features & Benefits
Low power consumption
Compliant with SFP+ MSA and SFF-8431
Innovative EMI solution
Lower cost solution as compared to fiber transmissions
Support serial ID functionality through EEPROM (SFF-8472)
Enterprise Networking
Data Center Networking
10Gbps/40Gbps Ethernet
PCI Express 4X/SAS 4X
Features & Benefits
Optimized NEXT & Return Loss
3X port density over SFP/SFP+
Lower cost and power solution when compared to fiber optical links
Compliant with QSFP MSA and SFF-8436/SFF-8431/SFF-8074i
Compliant with IEEE 802.3ba and InfiniBand QDR specifications
Give us a drawing or details
We will make any LSZH products based on your request for
What are the Benefits?
CA Product Design Saves Time and Money
Simplified Assembly
60% Reduction in Resistance
Competitor's design: 0.8m ohm
CA design: 0.5m ohm
Increased Water Permeability Rating
Competitor's design: IP66 or IP67
CA design: IP68
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