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Cake pop crush

No description

✨madi✨ ✨

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Cake pop crush

The time of this book is in the present. It mainly takes place at Oak Canyon Middle School and a bakery called, Say It With Flour.
Cake Pop Crush
Cake Pop Crush is by Suzanne Nelson
The main character's name is Alicia. Her nick name is Ali. Alicia loves to bake. She gets up every morning and bakes while watching her favorite show called, Baking Guru. Alicia spends a lot of her time in the kitchen because when she was little her mother would hold her and bake at the same time, but unfortunatly Alicia's mom died when she was only a little girl. Alicia's roll model is Renata DeLuca. She is a baker on Baking Guru. Alicia is a really good friend and she makes every one feel good.
The other main character's name is Dane. When you first meet Dane you might think that he is a snotty rich boy, but when you get to know him he is not that bad. Dane's dad is the owner of a chain coffee shop called, Perk Ups, so Dane is always traveling from place to place with his dad so that he can put up more Perk Ups coffee shops. Dane is not really good at making friends because he moves from place to place so much he never has time for friends.
In the beginning of the story a girl named Alicia and her dad were having trouble keeping there family bakery open, Say It With Flour, because Alicia's mom died and a new chain coffee shop just opened across the street called, Perk Ups. To make maters worse Alicia's winter break just ended. Alicia does not really like school because there is a girl named Sarah that is rich and she brags about how she is the mayors daughter. Also, a new kid Dane arrived in a limo that day and is in some of Alicia's classes. Dane was rude to Alicia and did not leave a very good first impression .
In the middle of the story Alicia decides to make cake pops to help their bakery stay in business. Her cake pop idea works for a couple of days but then Dane tells his dad about the cake pops and in the next couple of days Perk Ups started to sell cake pops. By that time Alicia was furious with Dane and Perk Ups. The next day at school Sarah asks Alicia if she wants to cater her birthday party on the 16th of Febuary. Alicia agrees but soon finds out that she will be competing against Dane in a bake-off to see who will cater Sarah's party. A few days later Alicia throws a girls day at the bakery and someone puts black die in her cake pops and she accuses Dane of doing it.
In the end of the story they have the bake-off. When Sarah announces the winner Dane wins and Alicia is really sad. That means that her bakery is going to close, but the day after the bake-off Dane walks in to Say It With Flour and tells Alicia that the votes were counted wrong and she actually won the bake-off. Alicia was thrilled! Alicia had to make 1,000 cake pops for Sarah party and then she delivered them. At Sarah's party Sarah anounced that Say It With Flour made the cake pops and there were a lot of people there to here her say that. The day before the bakery was going to close lots of people started to show up at the bakery so Alicia's dad told her that they were going to keep the bakery open.
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