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Drawing An Anime Girl

Draw an anime girl through out the steps

Natasha L

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Drawing An Anime Girl

When drawing a head use a circle not an oval because it would be hard to make cheek bones and chin with an oval. Draw Head and Add Reference Lines Try not to draw single strands of hair. Try drawing chunks of the hair. Making the Hair Creating The Eyes For Your Girl When making the anime girls body is sometimes very hard. Especially when its not a child. Making the Torso of The Anime Girl The nose and mouth are fairly easy ,but are still hard some times. When you draw the clothes they can be just lines that are on the chest and arms. Or the clothes can be very detailed and look realistic. Making Anime Girl clothes Here are some drawings. The Finished Look You can curve you cheek bones or make them box shape. The eyes are one of the most difficult parts of the face besides the hair. Then make your neck and shoulders. Drawing a Anime Girl Close up By Natasha L. Making The Nose and Mouth Prezi by Natasha Lively
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Videos from YouTube Thanks for watching
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