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1936 Berlin Olympics

No description

Zachary O'Brien

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of 1936 Berlin Olympics

1936 Berlin Olympics Olympic Games Controversies Athletes Winter Olympics Vocabulary Participants Olympic Arenas Jesse Owens Track and Field athlete from the USA
Moved to Ohio from Alabama when he was 9
His real name is James Cleveland
Attended Ohio State University
Significance In the Olympics Won 4 gold medals in 100m, 200m, long jump, and relay
Sponsored by Adidas
controversies with Hitler and USA Perceptions of Owens Thought Owens took the spot light from the Aryan race
Did not acknowledge Owen's victories
Shaking hands behind closed doors? (Siegfried Mischner)
"When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany." Hitler's Mixed Feelings? A Warm Welcome From Germany Loved by German crowd
More rights than in America
Friendship with Luz Long Back At Home "Hitler didn't snub me-it was FDR who snubbed me. The President didn't even send me a telegram."
Had to ride the freight elevator to attend his own reception after a parade in his honor. Korean/Japanese Runners Sohn Kee-Chung (Gold) & Nam Sung-Yong (Bronze) Korea had been annexed by Japan Runners had to run for Japan Sohn Kee-Chung sheds tear while being awarded Khadr El Touni Egyptian Weightlifter
Hitler's Fascination
His own street in Berlin Opening Ceremony Each country had an entrance similar to today's olympics
The German people would cheer people who gave the Nazi salute
A few discrepancies between the Nazi and Olympic salutes
The Bidding Process Voting took place in Barcelona--a contesting country
Voted by the International Olympic Committee
Voted before Nazis/Hitler came into power
Germany won over Spain in a 43 to 16 vote Boycotting US Boycott Debates sparked within the US whether or not to participate in the Olympics
Participation was looked at as support for the Nazi party as well as anti-Semitic policies.
Avery Brundage (US Olympic Committee) vs. Jeremiah Mahoney (Amateur Athletic Union)
Close vote with the Amateur Athletic Committee
FDR demanded that America send a team Spanish Boycott Planned to Host Parallel “Olympiad” in Barcelona
6,000 athletes from 22 countries registered
“Olympiad” eventually canceled due to the Spanish Civil War Treatement of Jewish Athletes Gretel Bergmann excluded from the games despite matching the high jump world record months prior
Sam Stoller & Marty Glickman were dismissed from the US 4 x 100 relay team (ultimately replaced with Jesse Owens) Background Hosted in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria
Marked last year that summer and winter Olympics were hosted in the same country
The Olympic Games 17 events
Norway had the most medals (15 total, 7 Gold)
Germany was in second with 6 medals total, 3 gold
Gender Singular Plural # Translation Der Wettbewerb Wettbewerbe 2a Competition
Die Medaille Medaillen 4a Medal
Die Zeremonie Zeremonien 4a Ceremony
Die Kontroverse Kontroversen 4a Controversy
Der Läufer Läufer 1a Runner
Sources: 1. “History News Network” -- http://hnn.us/articles/571.html “Adolf Hitler, Jesse Owens and the Olympics Myth of 1936”
2. “The History Place”--http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/triumph/tr-olympics.htm “The Triumph of Hitler: The Berlin Olympics”
3 .http://www.aldaver.com/votes.html International Olympic Committee Vote History
4. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/olympics.html “The Nazi Olympics”
The End
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