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Christianity prezi

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Tucker Boomsma

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Christianity prezi

Christianity The Life and Death of Jesus Christ His teachings, miracles and parables Jesus was Born in a town called Bethlehem. He grew up most likely taking after his dad and being a carpenter. When the Romans heard about his teachings they arrested him and killed him on the cross. A couple days later he rose from the dead and vanished from his tomb. Then he appeared to his followers (Disciples or Apostles) to go around and keep teaching people about Christianity. Christianity is one of the worlds largest religions
and has over 2 billion followers today. And because
people understood Jesus' teachings differently there
are hundreds of branches of Christianity. The Christians holy book is the Bible. His teachings and life were mostly about Christianity. Christianity is a monotheistic religion His teachings were mainly about loving others even if they're your enemy's. One of the well known miracles to christians is that he fed a crowd with 2 loaves of bread and 1 fish. Jesus' Apostles and Gospels Jesus' apostles were twelve men who were taught by Jesus to spread his teachings. The Gospels are books inside of their holy book called the Bible. The spread of Christianity During Jesus' time the Romans were ruling. when they found out about Jesus spreading Christianity the put a ban into place saying that anyone practicing Christianity would be executed. Then after a while the Roman emperor converted to Christianity and lifted the ban
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