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Earth is dying...

I'm dead serious about the Earth. Lazy people everywhere are just not caring, and they'll realize later but by then, It'll be too late. This is my prediction on what the Earth will be in the future if we don't act now.

Lily Wu

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Earth is dying...

EARTH IN YEAR 3000....
Deep in the arctic...
Wide open sea.
All the animals who lived there


Floods occured. Inuit died.
The arctic was just
And cut down all the forests
They thought
technology would
meet their needs
and took nature
for granted
People never saw the beauty in nature, and wanted to make their own beauty
In cities
Even though earth gave humans their needs and wants
People would still hurt it
Where ice no longer existed...
It was then when humankind saw it's mistake
so they tried everything to fix it
They prayed to god, they planted trees, and tried everything to bring the earth back
They said they could of saved Earth
They could of biked or rode the bus and save energy when they had the chance
But they didn't.
But they didn't.
Now it was too hot.
Mother Nature got revenge on people because they destroyed her when it gave them their needs.
People died.
Earth flared up
and soon Earth was lifeless. It was nothing but rock like the other planets.
happen in the future
We act now. It's still not too late. We can still save Earth.
So act now
Before it's too late
People made more
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