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We KNow Who We Are

ARG for KNews summer 09

jay Johnson

on 23 June 2009

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Transcript of We KNow Who We Are

We Know
Who We Are Billboard - 22 June 2009 Skype phone number at bottom of board shoot guerilla video of adding phone number to board, post to YouTube, Vimeo phone geocodes, URL, and/or timestamp clue Reward for Participating/Solving concert? Get Out ad points to
unregistered website Voicemail leads to Get Out ad
Also leads to anonymous weknow262.com for email collection and coffee coupon distribution kennection.com some cryptic body copy with a note to check
the classifieds on
a certain day(s) of the week Classifieds Ad with "We KNow" headline
that reads to send an email to weknow@
for further information. Place an email
services ad on the same/adjacent page. email send email with link
to KenoshaNews.com create a fake server error page with white body text that is only viewable when it is highlighted
the text will be instructions to meet with geocode location and timestamp
it will ask for cell/SMS numbers
Rack place a URL, login and password in a Get Out ad under one of the fake website/"We KNow" headlines
people would receive a coupon when they logged in Local Businesses free coffee coupon, redeemable during a specific time period on a single day
have custom JavaJackets directing people to next clue coupon for a free video rental
custom dvd given out to people redeeming pointing to next clue weknow262.com email collection for mailing free coffee coupon whatwedoforus.com autolaunch video asking the question "what will we do knext?"
time & location of Taste of Wisconsin event stamped into video a downtown location (park? cafe? some place with the capability of seeting at least a few people)
participants will receive one of two text messages with the location of a series of Kenosha News racks
to find the exact location, they will need to collaborate cover designated racks with "we know who we are" magnets
tape to the inside roof of rack an envelope with a certificate inside reading "this is #___ of 6. to see the entire code, all certificates must be combined. please meet back where you started."
the code will be the location of a final 7th rack, which will contain a certificate and multiple business cards with unique codes and a URL in a prepaid and pre-addressed envelope.
This certificate will read: "In order for the individual codes on your cards to be activated, you must each notarize the back of this certificate with your name and an accurate way to contact you. This notarized certicicate must then be mailed with the included envelope. We are watching."
When the codes are entered into the website, they are given the locatoin and time for the final reward
flyers fake blogs magnets a wiki placed at gathering points, sucha ascoffee shops, bars setup at one of the websites to help "players" agregate information placed on as many metallic surfaces as possible to make a large visual impact and create buzz to manufacture interest and steer game play
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