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Adventure World

No description

Brendan Tanti

on 22 December 2014

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Transcript of Adventure World

Malta Tourism Authority (MTA)
Promotion mechanisms

Advice on Planning and Development

Support with infrastructure
Heritage Malta
Facilitating interpretation and accessibility

Restoration and Conservation
Malta Sports Council (KMS)
Development and implementation of policies

maximization of available resources

assistance/incentive schemes
Funding Mechanisms
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

JEREMIE – small and medium enterprises

JESSICA – sustainable investment
Malta Tourism Authority (MTA)

Heritage Malta

Malta Sports Council
Niche Market:
Adventure/Sports Tourism
Suitable for: Families, Couples, Groups, Individuals
Demographically it is not specific as the adventure activities are suitable for whoever is physically capable irrespective of the age.
Psycho Graphic
Adventure/Sports enthusiasts
Leisure Tourists
Thrill Seekers
Outdoors lovers
Adventure World
Outdoor & Adventure Company

Personal Assistance:
Sales representatives in store and online reps dedicated personal assistant with guides and instructors.

Self Service
: Availability of renting the equipment

Automated Service:
Online booking and online chat service

Facebook groups and twitter and website membership

review and feedback page on website as well as guest book
Sales Force

Web Sales

Social Media

Outlets/Partner outlets

By distributing the same brand image through the different channels

Social Media is considered to be our strongest link as can be seen through the feedback and bookings made. After this printed advertisement is also extremely beneficial
Customers can then bundle their own package and there is also the availability of renting the equipment individually rather than having a guided tour

Reliable and fulfilling brand promise

Availability of the memorabilia aspect of the activities as Go Pros can be pre booked in order to fully capture the experience be it pictures or videos
Offering a unique diversified and new experience through the innovative equipment and personal service

Shifting demand to the south of Malta which helps eliminate the problem of carrying capacity in other areas of Malta which are usually densely populated with tourists.

Promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle
Risk Assessment

involves all the equipment regularly being checked and monitored as well as all staff being first aid qualified having the right training and development skills.

competitive pricing, concession prices, group packages, memberships and loyalty schemes, price bundling

: online bookings, transportation available, social media ( Facebook page, twitter, website)

– Full physical capabilities
Trekking - Camping Cycling

Camping Facilities
Resurface Pathways
Human Resources:
Legal Reps.
Technical People
Financial Personnel
Most Expensive Costs
Other Costs

Bikes, Kayaks, Camps
Safety Equipment
Computer Hardware/Software

Subcontracted Services:


Renting of Bikes, Kayaks, Camps

Purchasing of Guided Tours

Customized Souvenirs - Video Footage

Membership Schemes
For what will they pay?
How will they pay?
Cash Point at Outlet

Online Booking System

Credit Card

Student Smart Card
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