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C2 - reinvestment project

go see the rough draft

JiaQi Zhao

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of C2 - reinvestment project

Ponyboy vs. Darry
Pony vs. being a greaser
Character vs. Character
Character vs. Fate
Conflicts in the Outsiders
My perspective
Character vs. Character
Pony comes back late.
Darry yells at him.
Pony: I'm sure that Darry doesn't want me around!
Run away
Darry cries when Pony is back from the church
Pony thinks that Darry doesn't want him around.
Resolves the problem
Darry didn't even cry when their parents died.
shows how much he cares about Pony.
If I was Darry:
I would scream at him
tell him to not do it again
explain why it's not good to do that
He would know:
I'm not satisfied with what he did
why to not do it
and the murder part wouldn't of happened
Cherry vs. Dallas
= disputes with Dallas
= talks dirty
Dallas bothers Cherry
How is it resolve?
Leave her alone!
My perspective
Johnny stopped Dallas.

Dallas stopped because
it was Johnny.
If Dallas didn't stop, Cherry might of called the cops.
Johnny gets more courage.
Johnny's is the gang's pet, Dallas' pet.
Not fair
It is not fair
that Socs gets everything and greasers gets all the rough breaks.
It is not fair
that Socs had so much spare time and money when greasers are working so hard.
Resolved or not
Even after all those events from chapter 1 to 6, nothing has changed. The Socs still get whatever they want and the greasers, nothing.
My perspective
Pony should think in a different point of view.
not think of what he doesn't have, but what he does
real friendship
Besides, he could always earn money.
being resourceful
but with money, he can't buy
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