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Multicultural Community Festival

Concordia University ECE - 6160 Child, Family and Multicultural Community

Ellie Brenner

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Multicultural Community Festival

Multicultural Community Festival
Presentation by Elizabeth Brenner

Community Team
Heritage Focus
Asian, Latino, and African American
Beginning Procedures
Parents will be involved by joining the event committee and identifying goals and activities for planning the multicultural event.
Principal, Heather Glowacki, will solicit members for a new Parent Advisory Board. Parents interested in helping the school make decisions that best serve the interests of every child and family are encouraged to participate. Representation from every child’s cultural group and language is critical. As well as single parents, military families, grandparents raising grandchildren, parents of children with special needs, bilingual families and those with limited English skills. The Parent Advisory Board will be a valuable resource and offer more equitable opportunities for diverse children & families.
$2000 funded by Target's Art & Culture School Grant.

$1000 – Asian Food Donation from Panda Express Restaurant with a grant from the Panda Cares Program
$1000 – Food donation from Jewel Osco donation request

Multicultural Cookbooks –300 books
$2000 – Donation from Woman’s Club of Wilmette
$ 500 – Donation from Wilmette Jewelers
$ 500 – Donation from Road Runner Sports

Family Education & Technology Station –
$0 - technology, equipment, & IT support provided by Romona Elementary School.

Family Photos
$0 – photographer and equipment donated by Coconut Dolly Photography

Budget Total = $7000
Multicultural Community Festival
The event will provide a stimulating environment that promotes the first-hand experience of culture and encourages our visitors to become active citizens in the community. The event promises to be full of diverse experiences with a variety of interesting activities, presentations, and fantastic food.
Children & parents will be actively engaged in concrete activities about real life experiences. Activity Poster boards will display open-ended questions or conversation tips for parents to encourage more meaningful discussion about diversity.
To bring the families of Romona Elementary School of Wilmette, Illinois and community together. We will learn to appreciate, celebrate, and learn from each other. As children develop a sense of self, early childhood experiences influence their interests and learning. Planning a multicultural heritage event will provide an environment of acceptance that supports diversity and build partnerships among teachers, families, and community members. Family involvement supports achievement and can greatly strengthen the respect for and response to cultural and linguistic diversity. Ultimately, the experience promotes each child's self-esteem and sense of uniqueness as well as the uniqueness of others (Seitzinger Hepburn, K., 2004, p. 6).
Romona School has a wide range of demographics. Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Mexican, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Israeli, African American, and White.
To improve the quality of education at Romona Elementary School by promoting excellence, equity, and opportunity for all students.
To create a welcoming & stimulating environment that embraces diversity and supports the growth and development of all children.
Committee Members
School Commitee Members
: principal, teachers, & counselors.
Parent Committee Members
: Romona Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Community Committee Members
: private businesses and community organizations
Cultural Influences on Self-Concept-Updating Our Thinking
Engaging Children in Activities and Conversations about Race and Social Class
NAEYC Position Statement on responding to linguistic and cultural diversity
Research Cultures
To learn about the perspectives of our cultural groups, a parent survey will be sent home for each family to complete.
Cultural Research

1. Working with Asian American Families website

2. Working with African American Families website

3. Working with Hispanic Families website
Things to do:
Committee forms
Flyers and forms for booths sent out
Gymnasium availabilty (with tables and chairs)
Lunchroom availabilty
Outside area with tent availabilty (in case of rain)

How will we promote
the event?
Information about the festival will be sent to parents via email as well as paper copies in students' backpacks. Included in the email will be a link to the following video to encourage diversity and attendance to this wonderful event.

Dear Parents: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=qLIW8JWk1RI
Children's Needs
Activities will be at our young students' level of understanding and participation.
Developmental Goals
To foster children’s positive identity within their own cultural and to experience and value diversity among people. Our students, their families, and community will learn about, recognize, and celebrate all of the wonderful diversity that make up our school community.
Family Photos
Coconut Dolly Photography of Wilmette donated their time and services to take family photos at the event. Romona School will provide a Smartboard to display the photos as a slideshow during the event.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi for Kids Intro Video - Tai Chi provides mental, emotional, and physical balance. Great for all children and particularly beneficial for stressed, hyperactive, and autistic children. Several parents that practice Tai Chi will lead classes for families.
Salsa Dancing
Children of all ages and adults will enjoy basic Salsa dance step instruction and free style dancing opportunities.

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
What is the need?
Why would this festival be beneficial to the Romona School Community?
Student Population: (PreK – 4th grade) - 470

White Students - 66%

Asian Students - 21%

Hispanic Students - 6%

Two or more races - 5%

African American - 1%
(all documents will be shared with you)
Parent Education
& Support
Parent Meeting
– Orientation and introduction to multicultural education. To initiate parent discussion, view Dear Parents…. English or Spanish version - 1 minute video about parent influence on bias and interviews of Parents on Diversity Clips

Parent Resources
– A sample of a cultural competency policy as well as a list of helpful websites will assist parents to identify goals and activities.

Parent Committee Survey
- The interests, talent, & skills of families to identify the following activity ideas; Art Gallery - Music Concert - Family Photos - Storytelling - Yoga - Salsa Dancing - Zumba Dancing - Cooking - Hair Braiding - Tai Chi.
Romona Community Mural
An enormous piece of butcher paper will be taped to a wall with a variety of paints & brushes available for each family to add their contribution to a Romona Community Mural. A variety of skin tone paint colors and finger paints available for kids of all ages. Guiding questions displayed on poster boards for parents to ask children during the activity. Mirrors and photos of murals showing people from different racial groups will be displayed to focus on skin color.
Hair Braiding
We will have photographs (BraidedHairPhotos.docx and posterboards.docx) with guiding questions, photos, and mirrors available to explore similarities and differences. Volunteers will demonstrate how to do typical hair braiding. Long-haired wigs in a variety of hair colors, multicultural dolls, & laces available for children of all ages to practice braiding. Special presentation by a parent who specializes in unique African braiding techniques.
Hair Books – I Love My Hair! and Hairs / Pelit
Selected from The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings – China and other Asian countries

Corn & Sweet Potatoes - Africa

Ramen Noodles with add-in options of carrots, mushrooms, & pea pods – Japan

Cheesy Quesadillas, Guacamole, & Fresh Salsa – Mexico & Latin America

Bananas, Mangoes, Papayas, & Pineapple – Africa, Central & South America
Recipes in The Kids' Multicultural Cookbook reflect all cultures at Romona Elementary School.
Each family attending the event will receive a cookbook with a tip sheet to
encourage home-learning activities for all ages.
Technology Station
Smartboards, computers, Boardmaker and other software available to create and
print your own family book.

Enter to win raffle prizes, sign up for the Parent Teacher Association, schedule parent conferences, and obtain parenting tips.
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