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Facebook Profile

This is an Advanced English assignment. (Create a Facebook profile for a character out of the Canterbury Tales) My character was the Prioress.

Nina Smith

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Facebook Profile

Profile Picture
My horse trainner... he looks more comfortable
I've been riding this horse for days now - feeling uncomfortable
Status Update:
My trusty stead and I
About me:
Peace to God I am a woman. I represent the church and proudly. I make friends where ever I go and if we aren't friends we will be! Some people call me an air head... I don't know what that means. I love serving in the soup kitchen on weekends and give whenever I can. I am going on a pilgrimage soon and am so glad for all the opportunities the Lord has provided me with.
The Knight
On the plus side I've made a lot of new friends on this pilgrimage, the knight is so handsome.
Status Update:
Facebook Profile
Canterbury Character: Prioress
Location: Canterbury
I can not wait to be at Canterbury #blessed #praisethelord #pilgrimage
Status Update:
Personal Info:
My Summer Home
Occupation: Nun
Studied at: Oxford University
Lives in: England
Birthday: May 10th long ago
Relationship Status: Oblivious to Everyone
Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier

- Mother Teresa

Friends List
The Knight
Squire (son of a knight)
Nun Meredith
Wife of Bath
I started at the bottom as a nun. As a nun I was an advocate for the church. During the weeks we traveled to various places across the city and served soup while distributing fresh clothing to the needy.
In my fourth year a promotion opportunity arose and I applied. Three weeks later after an interview with some important people I was offered the job of Prioress. Prioress are in charge of watching of the lives of the other nuns and setting a good example to them. During my time as a Prioress I have seen great works among our people. It is because of these divine doings that I have chosen to make my pilgrimage. It is also because of my strong sense of leadership and example that three of my nuns have also decided to come along. It will be an adventure that I will remember forever and I am so thankful to serve Our Lord Jesus Christ.
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