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Was King Arthur real?

No description

Jordan Shonka

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of Was King Arthur real?

Sir Thomas Malory
Ingredients for an Arthurian Legend
Revolve around the character of
King Arthur
"Romantic" (elements of
, often set in the distant past)
Supernatural elements
, many that echo the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic pagan religions
Human weakness
or sin (lust, jealously, etc.)

Was King Arthur a real person?
May have been based on a Welsh King who fought in the Battle of Badon Hill
First mentioned in a Welsh poem around 540 AD
In the next 100 years, King Arthur became a legend
A traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated
Knights of the Round Table
Compiled the many tales into one long Epic

The first recorded version of King Arthur tales in English prose (not latin or french)

Le Morte d'Artur
Le Morte d'Artur
Written in the 15th Century

Reads like a narrative from Arthur's birth to his death
Arthurian Legends are full of symbolism and Christian allegory.

King Arthur and his Knights sat around a round table to symbolize their equality.

They all followed the same set of virtues rules: The Code of Chivalry.
(Another) Archetypal Hero
King Arthur was sent away as an infant and raised with no idea of his royal bloodline

He proved himself through a series of seemingly impossible tasks, all with the help of his supernatural mentor, Merlin

Has a special magic sword, Excalibur

Travels far and wide on a quest to find the Holy Grail

Sound familiar?

Arthurian Legend
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