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Summary of "Glass" by Ellen Hopkins

No description

Mckennzie Kearns

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Summary of "Glass" by Ellen Hopkins

Glass by Ellen Hopkins
She arrives home and she notices that her family is pressuring her into baptizing the baby and starts to become stressed and goes on a little trip with the monster but there is one thing... her parents don't know that she has started again or do they?
Kristina gets in quite a load with her parents...they kick her out and she has to find out a living situation and gets her baby taken away from her by her parents so her and her boyfriend end up having to live in there car due to money situation and get caught by the cops with weed and go to jail where she somewhat gets her life together.
In the book "Glass" written by Ellen Hopkins there is a girl named Kristina and she got pregnant at age 16 and the real father left and her true love left for college so they aren't together anymore but there's more...
Summary for Glass by ellen hopkins
She is taking a ride with the monster
and can't seem to control it. She has gone months without smoking and tries to find a way to get some without her parents knowing and then she remembers her good friend Robyn and decides to go for a visit to both Robyn and the monster.While waiting for Robyn she finds a guy turns out it's Robyn's boyfriend who is her hook up and little did Kristina (aka Bree) know that she would end up with him.
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