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The Tiger Rising

No description

KN Dull

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of The Tiger Rising

Rob is shy, friendless, and sad.

He is shy. He hardly talks to anyone.

He is friendless. He hardly talks to anyone and keeps being bullied.

And he's sad because his mother died.
Rob was shy and friendless at the beginning. But he became friends with Sistine after he showed her the tiger in the cage. They started hanging out. Then they became friends.

Rob was sad at the beginning. After he became friends with Sistine, he wasn't as sad anymore. Having a friend helped him keep his mind off his mom.
How Rob has changed
In the beginning Beauchamp was cowardly. So he trapped a real tiger in a cage to make him look tougher. After the tiger was killed, I thought he changed, but I was wrong.
How Beauchamp has changed
Sistine is mean, sassy, and friendless.
The Tiger Rising
In the beginning Sistine was very mean. She was always in fights. Then she started hanging out with Rob. He showed her the tiger. When they let the tiger go, she realized Rob was actually nice and wasn't going to be mean to her. A lot of times when you're the new kid people make fun of you. But he didn't. So Sistine wasn't mean anymore, either.
How Sistine has changed
Beauchamp is cowardly, childlike, and selfish.
She is always in fights because she's mean and bosses people around.
And she's new to the school, so she's friendless.
He is cowardly. He's making a child feed the tiger.

He is childlike. He is a grown man and he still takes orders from his mom.

He is very selfish. All he thinks about is that his business does well. He doesn't care about the kids getting hurt by the tiger. All he cares about is his business.
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