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Political Causes of the the French Revolution

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Emma Brown

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Political Causes of the the French Revolution

Political Causes of the the French Revolution

Important people in politics during the french revolution
Facts on the political causes
They had an absolute monarchy, and most people were denied basic rights.
Common People had no say in government.
Their King and Queen cared only for themselves.
Taxes, Autocracy
The Focus Question
Question: To what extent did the resentment of the French monarchy by the ordinary citizen lead to?

Answer: It lead to the French Revolution which was a battle for more rights in the kingdom.

Important Events
1ST Stage: National Assembly Third Estate declares itself the National Assembly, vows to write new Constitution. (1789)
2ND Stage: Limited Monarchy New Constitution of 1791 limits the monarchy, sets up a representative assembly.
3RD Stage: Radicals 1792, Radicals take over. Maximilian Robespierre is leader. Reign of Terror, many die as result.
4TH Stage: Directory Moderates return to government. In 1795, 5 man Directory runs country. Government very weak.
5TH Stage: Napoleon 1799 Coup d'etat... takes control from Directory. 1802 - names himself Emperor of the French. Absolute government again.
By: Heather, Emma, Natalie, and David.

We are going to talk about the political causes, so go to the next slide to read about them.
Got this thanks to http://www.regentsprep.org/regents/global/themes/change/pol.cfm
apoleon Bonaparte was a general in the French army and leader of the 1799 coup which overthrew the french Directory

s accession was the end of the revolution
Causes of the French Revolution
ouis XVI was the French king from 1774 to 1792 who was deposed during the French Revolution and executed in 1793
. (
a year after being deposed

International: struggle for hegemony and Empire outstrips the fiscal resources of the state
Political Conflict: Conflict between the Monarchy and nobility over the "reform" of the tax system led to paralysis and bankruptcy
Social antagonism between two groups: The aristocracy and the bourgeoisie
Economic Hardships
arie-Antoinette was the wife of King Louis XVI and, in the French commoners’ eyes, the primary symbol of the French
royalty’s extravagance and excess.
mmanuel Joseph Sieyès was a liberal member of the clergy,
of the Third Estate, and author of the fiery 1789 pamphlet

What Is the Third Estate?

harles de Calonne was the controller general of finance appointed by King Louis XVI after Jacques Necker was kicked out of office in 1781
hese are only some of the important people in politics
others include
acques Necker
Marquis de Lafayette
Lazare Carnot
and Maximilien Robespierre.
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