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A+ TutorPrep

Based on Learning Tools for Engaging Today's Students

Lee Meadows

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of A+ TutorPrep

How do we help students learn pre-AP content? How do people learn? How do big ideas help people learn facts? What is our duty to care for students? What will I/we do differently now? What are quick wins you could make? What are baby steps you could take? What do you need to do less of? HPL Principle #1: Learners must be aware, and at times confront, the ideas they have prior to instruction. HPL Principle #2: Learning is organizing factual details within a conceptual framework. HPL Principle #3: Teachers & learners must deploy metacognition to solidfy understanding. Learning Tools per HPL How People Learn
in Action Discussion: How would you state this learning principle in your own words? Graphical Analysis Trig Solving Equations Rates of Change Position/Velocity/
Acceleration Limits Structure of Matter/ Stoichem Equilibrium Thermo Chem Electrochemistry Cellular Energetcis Mendelian Genetics Cell Membrane Function Organic Molecules (An authentic problem faced by the Alabama Impact Tutors & Staff.) A Private Universe (@ learner.org) Minds of Our Own #2 (@ learner.org) Think: These are design principles. Google: cooperative learning overview Groups of 4
Form groups across social lines
Best groups: 1 hi, 1 low, 2 mid's
Suggestion: Random Gs on Day 1; start ability-based Gs on second day Private Universe in Mathematics
also at learner.org & diagnostic "The student is infinitely more important than the subject matter." -Nel Noddings on the ethics of caring Physical safety
Emergency procedures
Monitoring presence Emotional safety
Medical needs 12 good people principle
Reasonable & prudent Weekly Analysis
-what worked well/what didn’t work well for each lab
-if you thought the high school students got something out of the lab/exercises/lectures or if it was too hard or too easy
-a list of “Impact staff need to know ___ about this lab/exercise for next year”
-for the labs, a description of how you did setup, what supplies were needed (and what quantities), and what the students were supposed to find as results
-suggestions for any additional materials needed for each day
-suggestions for additional topics that the high school students need to hear in lecture Enrolled Students Week 1 Debrief Constructivism
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