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Prime Front Desk

No description

on 3 January 2018

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Transcript of Prime Front Desk

Welcome to Our
Prime Office!

We are happy to help
you with ...
* Income Tax Preparation
* Quarterly Estimates
* Strategic Growth Planning
* Debt Structuring
* Business Entity Formation
* Registered Agent Services
* Tax Problem-Resolution
* Business Consulting
* Audit Assurance
Get the 2017 Organizer at
The organizer must be completed and sent to us before we can file your return!
You are now a business owner and are responsible for making 1/4ly estimate payments!
Not sure if an expense is deductible?
Ask yourself...
1) Is it ordinary?
2) Is it necessary?
3) Did I spend my own money on it?
Your $7.75 per week
Covers one federal filing and one state filing as well as your personal and business filing!
Don't forget to turn your cash expense records in monthly!
Download our
Abacus Access
App to your phone!
* Filed in MO
* Pick 3 name choices
* Need a physical address
* Created in 24 hours or less

If you answer 3 yes's then it's deductible!
Your LLC with our tax services:
$35 over 10 weeks ($350 total) and NO renewal fee!

Without our tax services:
$45 over 10 weeks and $150 to renew each year.
Use it to easily upload and view your tax information.
Let us help you
with an LLC!
The Filing Deadline
for your

S-Corp & Partnership returns is March 15, 2018

C-Corp and Individual returns is April 17, 2018
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