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Laperouse Welcome Back to School

No description

Alaina Laperouse

on 5 August 2018

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Transcript of Laperouse Welcome Back to School

Welcome to Central Middle School!
Chromebooks/Computers in the Class
Ms. Laperouse
6th Grade ELA
Sixth Grade ELA
CMS Uniforms
Must be worn around your neck at all times. If not, you will sit at the table during lunch and eat last.
You may decorate the BACK, but nothing on the front , no scratching, cutting, or defacing the front of your ID.
Your ID must be kept in the pouch and on the green lanyard provided by the school
Temporary ID's may be purchased for $1; replacement ID's are $7; the lanyard/pouch are $1 each
If you have no ID, you must sit at the ID table and eat last.
Must have a 9" inseam or more and not be "skinny style".
Any color may be worn with long pants
If you wear shorts or a skirt, you must wear SOLID white, black, gray, maroon, or khaki socks.
Must be solid brown, black, white, or khaki. Belt buckles should be smaller than 1.5"
Sweatshirts and jackets worn INSIDE the building must be solid maroon, black, or gray. It may have only a Central logo on it.
Any jacket may be worn OUTSIDE of the building.
What are the consequences for violating the dress code?
Dress code will be given in homeroom class. You must carry it in your pocket, or you will receive another dress code from your next teacher.
If you don't have a dress code, you will sit at the table at lunch, and eat last.

Expectations and Procedures
How will I be graded?
Why does this matter?
What will we learn this year?
Central Middle School
school phone: (225) 261-2237
#CCSSLeads #WorldClass #ANDnotOR
About Ms. Laperouse
This is my 13 year teaching at CMS.
I am a proud aunt to Kaiden (13), Arden (10), and Honor (6).
Ms. Whitehead (who used to be the librarian here) is my BFF!
I graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a focus on English.
I enjoy traveling, reading, and LSU football.
A typical day in our class includes...
5 minutes Daily Language Review (Warm Up)
20 minutes of independent reading (SSR)
10 minutes to check and review Warm Up
10 minutes of vocabulary (Flocabulary) review
40 minutes for our reading/writing lesson and activity
5 minutes CLOSE activity or Exit Ticket
What happens if I don't follow the procedures?
Students will be reminded of the expectations and procedures.
We will be using front of the planner to keep up with minor infractions. (Small form and planner needed)
Major infractions- students will be written up with a referral and brought to Mr. Thomas.
Remember: Every day is a new day. Let's do our best to meet expectations. If we don't, take the consequence and move on to do better.
Attitude is a choice.
Room D118
Our primary texts will be
Pearson Common Core Literature, & MyPerspectives ELA.
Close reading of literary texts and make text connections through analysis and comparisons.
Trace and evaluate arguments and claims in nonfiction texts.
Use text supported reasoning to back up your viewpoints.
Write for a variety of purposes.
Conduct research projects using digital and print sources.
You will receive one ELA 6 grade (English Language Arts).
Some of the major grades include:
CATS Tests- Common Unit Assessments
AR Goals
Flocabulary/Vocabulary Assessments
Reading Skill (Squillz) Assessments (Cold Reads)
Writing Assignments
You will receive, and in some cases help create, rubrics for your assignments.
Two Categories - 60% Assessments (half English/half Reading), 40% Assignments
Learning to voice your opinions both vocally and through written expression will set you apart as a leader in your community.
Looking forward, these same skills will be used throughout your school and future career.
You will gain a sense of self through reading literary texts, which will give you insight into characters' circumstances that will teach you life lessons.
Fostering a love of literature.
are to be used for educational reasons only.
will be integrated into the lessons to enhance our learning experiences.
will allow us to connect with the outside world and create exhibits of your learning.
will not replace all written texts and assignments, but will be used to enhance them.
come with extra responsibility:
Keep fully charge- find a location (not in your room to charge)
Keep safe from harm
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