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Editing workshop #1 (IB English 12)

No description

Nicole Kronzer

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Editing workshop #1 (IB English 12)

Grammary Issues IB 12 Editing Workshop #1 Keep verbs in present tense Verbs! Use a NOUN after "this." THIS ______ Probably, you just want "IS" CONDITIONAL VERBS
(would/could) Make sure your THESIS answers ALL parts of the question Citations go... TO WHAT EFFECT? Authors do all these things (use rhetorical devices, color, text design, etc.)... WORDS TO STAY AWAY FROM: Don't use a quote from the piece itself. Attention Getter Ryan says...
Clinton writes... This QUOTE demonstrates... This ARGUMENT diminishes... One example WOULD BE... X One example IS... One example of repetition is, "Blaugh blaugh blaugh" (Smartypants, 54). "Blaugh blaugh blaugh," is an example of repetition (Smartypants, 54). (so what?) Smartypants utilizes the rule of three, color
effects, and specific font choices IN ORDER TO ENCOURAGE POTENTIAL VOTES TO VOTE FOR HER. 1. Unique
2. Always
3. Never http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/who-versus-whom.aspx
Watch out for WHO/WHOM USE MEDIA TERMS Smartypants says, "I am so smart. And I wear pants." Quotation Punctuation "I am so smart. And I wear pants," Smartypants remarks. One example of hyperbole is when Smartypants writes, "I have the best pants in the whole world." "I have the best pants in the whole world," is an example of hyperbole (Smartypants). at the end!
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