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PLP Capabilities

No description

Keeley Marschall

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of PLP Capabilities

Literacy is when you interact with others using appropriate English vocabulary
Literacy can also be when discussing or interpreting different sources of information
Using some type of device to contact someone
Its a umbrella term that includes any communication device or application e.g cellphone, TV, etc.
Numeracy is a life skill.
It's about having confidence and competence to sue numbers and think mathematically
Using numbers, formula, tables, maps, graphs, diagrams, etc.
Knowing how to communicate with your peers.
Building self confidence, self-awareness and interpersonal and intapersonal skills.
Ethical understanding is the nature of ethical concepts, values and character traits.
Involves studnts to build a strong personal and socially orientated outlook.
Critical and creative thinking are activities that require you to think broadly and deeply using skills, behaviours in all areas.
PLP Capabilities
I could develop numeracy by stepping out of my comfort zone by identifying and developing my numeracy skills which will help encounter me to reach my goal on becoming a paramedic - I could study which numeracy is needed
I could use graphs and tables to help explain more of my information and this can help a lot when presenting future goals and decisions.
Can understand the different impacts my opinion has on others. I can think before acting towards a situation by analysing and observing and also getting other people sides of the story before getting involved in any stupid conflict.
Intercultural understanding is when learning to value our own cultures, languages and beliefs and those of others.
It's about recognising differences and creating connections with others.
To develop my skills in this capability I could use different resources such as books, magazines, etc instead of relying on online researching 24/7. I could achieve this by using this example to complete assignment information or getting different peoples point of view.
I could use appropriate literacy vocabulary when communicating with my peers instead of using slang words.
To develop this I can volunteer for a first aid course to help at Adelaide's yearly events e.g the fringe.
Can participate in co-curricula activities.
To develop the personal and social capability I can volunteer to help teach the children at my dance school and this is when I can make responsible decisions and take on a leadership role.
I can also be influenced by certain family members which will help gain self confidence and learning to be resilient like certain family members.
To develop this capability I could study a language that I'm unfamiliar with and maybe travel the world to see how there cultures live, work, communicate, etc.
I could also study my own country and background by asking family members so that my knowledge is more broader
I could develop this capability by using programs on the computers and using these to expand on my knowledge. I could think about doing ICT in years 11 and 12
I can start to make my own phone calls to the public instead of getting family members doing it.
These will help build my confidence up.
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