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A Social Problem: Sexism

by, Callum O'Keefe

Callum O'Keefe

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of A Social Problem: Sexism

A Social Problem:
What is Sexism?
Sexism is another term for gender discrimination or sex discrimination.
It is defined as prejudice or discrimination based on sex,
or stereotypical concepts about specific genders in general.
Some examples of sexism:
Sexism in the Past
In the 1960s, SEXISM had its peak in countries like America.
They weren't allowed to work or vote or do anything the men did.
Their role in society was to cook, clean and look after the children as the men went to work.
There are also different aspects of sexism
as well
Domestic Violence
Domestic violence takes on many different forms which include verbal, physical and psychological abuse. Domestic violence occurs in unequal proportion in men and women and is often considered related to sexism.
Women in the past have generally been disadvantaged from higher education
However, tThis has now changed and since 1991 the proportion of young women enrolled in college in the U.S. has exceeded the enrollment rate for young men.
Women now make up the majority (around 54%) of the 10.8 million young adults enrolled in college in the U.S.
The Military
Military service is an area where gender roles have often been considered "important" in a certain respect.
However, other countries still use a system of "conscription" (forcing you to go to war) only requiring military service for males, even when women are permitted to serve voluntarily.
In the U.S., women ARE prohibited from serving in active ground combat.
Initially, women deployed in support roles were not trained in active service. This created an imbalanced dangerous situation for women and now all soldiers receive the same combat training
How can we solve this issue?
Sexism originates from traditional views of our ancestors.
We need to break these views by not obiding them!
Easier said than done, for some of us have been brought up by these views.
But if you think of everything that has happened in the past about this issue...
...between men and women...
...your opinion will seriously change!
Thanks for listening!

By, Callum O'keefe
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