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Jasleen Chahal

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Nutella

Factors of Production... Nutella Natural Resources Ingredients SUGAR, PALM OIL, HAZELNUTS, COCOA, SKIM MILK, REDUCED MINERALS WHEY (MILK), LECITHIN AS EMULSIFIER (SOY), VANILLIN: AN ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR Labour • Includes the physical and mental work needed to produce goods or services
• Workers who harvest the cocoa beans (physical labour)
• Most tasks are done by machines (automated) Capital • Money invested in a business
• Capital goods (non-liquid capital) are needed to make Nutella
• For example, the roasting ovens are used to reduce the cocoa beans to a liquid paste Information • Many businesses make extensive use of researchers who investigate information about new technology, customers, competition, etc.
• The Nutella company would need to know information about other chocolate spreads in order for them to improve their product and attract more consumers
• Competition for Nutella includes: Nudossi and Nugatti • Agriculture provides the cocoa beans used to make Nutella • Over 50 Hazelnuts per 13 oz. Jar
• Contains No Artificial Colors
• Contains No Artificial Preservatives Management • People who control the factors of production
• Includes: Factory workers, managers, etc. The Production Process... • Initially the process of making chocolate spread begins with the abstraction of cocoa powder from the cocoa bean
• These cocoa beans are harvested from cocoa trees and are left to dry for about ten days
• This natural ingredient is then shipped off to the processing plant (situated in Italy by the Ferrero Company) • Cocoa beans contain approximately 50% of cocoa butter therefore they must be roasted to reduce the cocoa bean into a liquid form
• This step is not sufficient enough to be turned into a paste because it solidifies at room temperature, and would not be spreadable on food items such as toast
• After this initial process, the liquid paste is sent to a pressing machine, which is used to squeeze the butter out of the cocoa bean
• The final products are round discs of chocolate: pure compressed cocoa
• The cocoa butter extracted from the cocoa bean is then transferred elsewhere so it can be used in other products • The second process involves the hazelnuts
• Once the hazelnuts have arrived at the processing plant, a quality control is issued to inspect the nuts so they are suitable for processing
• A guillotine is used to chop the nuts to inspect the interior
• After this process the hazelnuts are cleaned and roasted
• A second quality control is issued by a computer-controlled blast of air, which removes the bad nuts from the batch
• This process is done to ensure that each jar of Nutella is the same in its look and taste • The cocoa powder is then joined with the hazelnuts along with sugar, vanilla, skim milk and it is mixed in a large tank until it becomes a paste-like spread
• The modified palm oil is then added to help retain the solid phase of the Nutella at room temperature
• In addition, whey powder is added to the mix (allowing the paste to be spreadable)
• For the flavor aspect, vanillin is added to enhance the sweetness of the chocolate
• Nutella is then sent off to be packaged By: Jasleen Chahal "Nutella and Nutrition: Food Pyramid and Guidelines." Nutella USA: The Original Hazelnut Spread®. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 May 2013. <http://www.nutellausa.com/ingredients.htm>.

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