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Parvana Mindmap

No description

Michael Young

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Parvana Mindmap

Mind Map The Breadwinner Series Parvana's Courageousness Parvana is courageous because even after her father dies, she never gives up and keeps on searching for her mom. At the end of the book, she actually finds her. Also, she keeps on searching even with lots of children to take care of. Parvana's Smartness Everywhere Parvana goes, she tells
Asif and Leila what to do. She does this to make sure they are safe. For example, Leila wants to save her grandmother, but Parvana stops her so that she wouldn't get injured. Parvana's Caring Nature Parvana's Traits -Courageous


-Caring Thanks For Watching! Asif's Traits - Bossy

- Rude

- Arrogant Leila's Traits - Naive

- Loyal

- Resourceful Father's Traits - Courageous

- Smart

- Resourceful Parvana is caring because she helps the kids survive with no help. She protects Leila by telling her not to go to her grandmother. She also calms the kids during the bombing, cleans the house, collects food and looks for shelter in the refugee camp. Asif's Bossyness Asif is bossy because he wants to be in charge and likes telling Parvana what to do. Also, since he is 2nd oldest in the group, he wants to command the younger kids. Asif's Rudeness Asif is rude because he is a kid who likes to argue and talk back. He also repeats ideas to annoy Parvana. Also, he usually doesn't let Parvana help him do a task, just because she's a girl. By Michael Young The Series Asif's Arrogance Asif is arrogant because he thinks that he is better than Parvana and he also says that when they find Parvana's family, everyone will like Asif better. Leila's Naivety Leila's Loyalty Father's Courageousness Like Parvana, her father is also very courageous because he decides to try to find their family in Afghanistan, even though he is in a very bad condition. Although he dies, his courageous decisions makes Parvana follow in his tracks. Father's Smartness Parvana's father is very smart because he was one of the lucky people who goes to university. He went to a British university and he can speak Dari, Pashtu and English! Father's Resourcefulness Father is very resourceful because he uses the time during their travels to give reading lessons to Parvana or teaches her survival lessons. Leila's Resourcefulness Leila is very resourceful because she takes the remains of animals and people's properties blown up by the mines and brings them home. She uses these for collecting, eating or building. Leila is naive because she does not have a lot of experience and doesn't know how to do things. For example, when the bombs came down in the refugee camp, she jumps and tells the planes to go away. Leila is very loyal to Parvana because she always sticks with Parvana's ideas and not Asif's. When Asif doesn't want to leave Leila's house, Leila says that we should listen to Parvana, since she's older.
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