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No description

Amanda Redecop

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Uglies

In a world of extreme beauty,
anyone normal is ugly. Characters

Tally Shay David

Cycle 1
*Tally sneaks to new pretty town
*Tally uses a pig mask to sneak throught
pretty town
*In the elevator Tally meets Peris as a pretty
*Pretties see Tally as an ugly as she escapes
*Tally meets Shay as shes escaping
*Shay teaches Tally how to hoverboard
*Shay and Tally go to the Ruins on hoverboards
*Shay tells Tally about David
*Shay tells Tally about the Smoke
*Shay tells Tally that shes running away
* Something's wrong with Tallys operation
* Meets Dr. Cable
* Tally goes to find Shay
* When Tally opens her survival bag she finds
a bunch of SpagBol packs
*"Make the worst mistake when you reach the cliff"
was the next part of the clue
*When Tally is resting at the second last clue, the
rangers come and spread a huge fire. Uglyville New pretty town Settings The smoke
Cycle 3 *The fire clears and the rangers come and
take Tally
*Tally finds out the reason why they were
spreading the fire was to kill the flowers.
*Shay and David find Tally at the last clue
*Tally sees uglies in a magazine at the library
*David tells Tally about his parents
*David gives Tally a pair of gloves Cycle 4 * Davids parents tell Tally about being pretty
* The secret is that you get brain damage
* David is very is very impressed with Tally
and tells Tally he loves her
* Special Circumstances arrive
* Tally tries to escape and gets caught and put
in a rabbit pen
* Tally arrives at Special Circumstances with Dr.Cable
* Tally and a special go to find the locket
* Tally escape and goes to find David
* Tally finds David in a cave

Cycle 5 *After the specials leave, David
and Tally go to rescue their friends.
*Once they reach Uglyville, they meet
Sussy, An and Dex. They are uglies who
agreed to help Tally and David.
*Sussy, An and Dex help by going to New
Pretty Town and setting up a bunch of
sparklers spelling out,"The smoke lives"
*Tally and David brake into special
circumstances and find Tally, Croy and Madi.
*Madi tells David that Az died. (David's father)
*After David and Tally rescue the people, they
knock out Dr.Cable and they escape to the rusty ruins.
*Tally tells David all the secrets of how she betrayed the smoke and all of her friends. Madi
finds the treatment to the brain dammage but can't find a willing subject so Tally decides to go back to Uglyville and have the people turn her into a pretty. THE END!!!! Cycle 2 Tally is the main character Peris is Tally's best friend Shay is Tally's new best friend David is Shay's boyfriend
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