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Nearly Gone

No description

Mia Rosa

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Nearly Gone

This story took place at a high school in Washington DC in 2013.
The main conflict of the story is that there is a person killing the students one by one and no one knows who it is.
There are many antagonists in this book like the police officer, Lieutenant Nicholson, that doesn't believe her when Nearly says that the deaths are related. Another, is her friend, Reece Whelan, who she thinks is the person the police officer sent to spy on her. Both Antagonists think she is lying about how the deaths are related, but even they aren't sure.
Rising Action
Three key moments in this book were some of the deaths. The first death was at a football game and Nearly found her friend under the bleachers in the gym. The second death was after the school play. Nearly found another one of her friends in the pool underwater in her costume. The third death was on a field trip and the tourists found Nearly's friend in the bathroom also dead.
Nearly has gown throughout the story.
She was not as brave as she thought she was.Toward the end she braver braver and
Minor Characters
At least one minor character can help move a plot forward. The one character could stay with the protagonist through most of the story but still not be that important. Or there could be multiple characters that come in and out to move the plot along. There weren't any minor characters in this story because all the characters in this story played an important role in the story.
Nearly G

By, Elle Cosimano
Mia Rosa Period 2
The protagonist in this story is a teenager named Nearly Boswell.
She is a curious girl with glasses and loves to read.
Inciting Incident
The inciting incident was when the package was at her door step with a dead cat in it. Nearly came home from school with some friends and inside her mailbox was a box that said "For Nearly". When she opened it up there was a dead cat inside. Written in blood, were the words "Dead or Alive".
The mood in the story was very suspenseful. The author made you want to read more to see what happens next. The author creates the mood by not telling who's the killer after each death and gives you little clues for the next death.
During the Exposition I learned the main characters of the story and when and where the story took place.
Loose Ends
Would You Recommend This Book
I would recommend the this story because there was so much detail and the author kept you in suspense which made it hard to stop reading it. Someone who likes suspense and mystery would love this book.
A girl named Nearly is out to find the person who is killing her best friends one by one. The police officer doesn't believe what she says and sends out someone to spy on her. If she can't find out who the killer is in time, she will be the next Victim.
The Climax is when they find out who the killer is. At the prom Nearly knew she was going to find the killer there. She witnessed her suspect being shot. She turned around and there
was the real killer just about to
shoot her too.
not afraid to speak her
mind. The events that she had to face helped
her to become who she was at the end.
Many of her friends comforted her
along the way too.
In This book there is a loose end. After a year, Nearly looks into the school newspaper. In the personals there was another ad that was, once again, a clue to another murder. This one included herself. This could lead to a sequel.
Head Strong
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