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Should cell phones be allowed in school??

No description

alexis aycock

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Should cell phones be allowed in school??

Specific Purpose
To persuade the audience that cell phones should be allowed at school
B. How many of you think that cell phones should be allowed at school????
Thesis Statement
Yes cell phones should be allowed to be used at school because it prepares students for their adult life. Really like how many jobs can you think of right now where a smartphone is not beneficial? Mechanics order parts on their phone, engineers view blueprints, doctors calculate dosages, and grocers check inventory. By the time students enter their profession, the use of technology will be even stronger. Not preparing makes no sense.
C. I am credible to speak of this because at school one day, I was in class and my family had an emergency involving my papaw and apparently my mom kept trying to call me, but the class that I was in, the teacher did not allow phones so I had no way of knowing and so my mom had to come pick me up from school.
Should cell phones be allowed in school??
A. you tube video- why should cell phones be allowed at school?
So overall, I think that cell phones should be allowed at school. Now ill tell you why.
A. Educational Purposes
1. Research
a. in class, when you don't know something, it is very easy to use your phone to look something up
b. using your phone to make sure your reasearch that you have is correct is also a plus of internet on cell phones.
2. Saves money
a. supplies needed could already be on an app on a students cell phones
b. saves parents money for not having to buy the supplies for school like a calculator
(Now i will tell you another reason why phones should be allowed in school.)
B. Emergency
1. Family Emergency
a. there could be a death of a family member and one of the main ways that parents reach their children when something like that happens is by calling their child's cell phone
b. parents could have to leave town and drive hours away and so they would most likely call their children if something like that happened while their child was at school
2. School Emergency
a. student could forget something important and need to have a parent bring it to school for them via texting or calling them
b. accident could happen during lunch and need a parent to bring you a change of clothes.(now i will tell you about my final topic)
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