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Pillbug Lab

By Kallie, Alanna, and

Kallie Supernor

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Pillbug Lab

By, Kallie, Alanna, Emily and Jacob Pillbug Lab Conclusion Time(min.) White Black
0 5 5
0.5 4 6
1.0 3 7
1.5 5 5
2.0 5 5
2.5 4 6
3.0 3 7
3.5 2 8
4.0 1 9
4.5 0 10
5.0 2 8
5.5 2 8
6.0 3 7
6.5 4 6
7.0 4 6
7.5 4 6
8.0 4 6
8.5 4 6
9.0 4 6
9.5 4 6
10.0 4 6 Data Background What is a Pillbug? pillbugs are small terrestrial isopods which resemble insects but are actually crustaceans pillbugs are found under logs and on the ground in the northeast and they have ten legs and a hard outer shell in this experiment, pillbugs are observed on how they respond to different conditions What else is helpful information? ethology- the study of an animal's behavior behavior- an organisms response to a sensory imput orientation behaviors such as taxis and kinesis place animals in their most favorable enviroments taxis- the movement toward or away from a stimulus kinesis-random movement due to a stimulus until the movement brings the organism a new favorable enviroment this is the type of behavior we are studying in this lab Hypothesis If pillbugs like to live under logs and in soil due to the darkness of the surroundings, then the pillbugs will move to the black ground side of the choice chamber. Experimental Design Ground Color Experiment Number of Pillbugs Amount of Pillbugs in each Choice Chamber 9.8 0.2 3.6 6.4 Chi Square for Ground Color Experiment 0.784 for both White Ground and Black Ground Chi Square for Control Experiment (Moisture) 9.216 for both the wet side and dry side Analysis From the experiment, it is clear that the pill bugs prefered wet, dark environment over the dry,white environments. Also, during the experiment, the observations conclude that the pill bugs enjoy clustering together in clumps and sometimes even stacked upon each other. Some experimental errors that may have occurred include the use of the white tape to connect the petri dishes. The white tape covered some of the black side of the petri dish providing a larger area for the white background over the black background. This gave an unfair advantage to white, but although with this advantage the pill bugs still chose black. Furthermore, our hypothesis was supported from our results. The pill bugs did prefer the black background over the white background. Finally this lab connects to the AP Biology Big Idea #3 which states that living systems store, retrieve, transmit, and respond to information essential to life processes. The pill bugs responded to the "information" or environment they were put in. They either responded by staying in one side of the petri dish because they preferred it, or they left the environment because they did not like it. 1. Obtain 10 pill bugs.
2. Connect 2 petri dishes together with a 1 1/2 inch opening on both. Tape them together where the openings are.
3. Place black construction paper under one of the petri dishes and white paper under the other.
4. Place a temporary divider in between the opening.
5. Put 5 pill bugs in the black side and 5 pill bugs in the white side.
6. Remove the divider and observe the pill bug's behavior for 10 minutes. Also, take notes every 30 seonds to see how many pill bugs are on the black side and how many are on the white side.
7. Analyze and conlude upon the finidings. Time(min.) Wet Dry
0 5 5
0.5 7 3
1.0 8 2
1.5 9 1
2.0 9 1
2.5 10 0
3.0 10 0
3.5 10 0
4.0 10 0
4.5 10 0
5.0 10 0
5.5 10 0
6.0 9 1
6.5 9 1
7.0 10 0
7.5 10 0
8.0 10 0
8.5 10 0
9.0 10 0
9.5 10 0
10.0 10 0 New Posed Questions Is the pillbug's behavior due solely to the differences in the choice chambers or are outside factors influencing their behavior? How wet of an enviroment do pillbugs prefer? Are swamps too wet? Is this data reliable enough to make an accurate inference about the rest of the species? If the entire container was either black or white, would this affect the data? (other then only the colored bottom and clean sides and top) Wet Dry Degree of Freedom
2-1=1 99.005% 99.001% Design Improvements -use clear tape rather than white to give each background an equal amount coverage on the petri dishes -make sure the sticky side of the tape is facing down at all times so the pill bugs do not get stuck on it -use a clear cover for the petri dishes to help stop the pill bugs from escaping Real World Situations In the real world pill bugs can be found in dark, moist habitats such as under a damp log or in moist soil in the forest. Such behavior was exhibited in our lab experiment where the pill bugs chose the black background and the moist environment.
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