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No description

spencer hickey

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of #Pope

Chief Powers of the Pope Power of the pope extends over every single church
The Pope is the supreme judge
The Pope is the teacher of all Christians
The word Pope means Father
The pope is independent How is the Pope Elected? What is a conclave? >A papal conclave is a meeting of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a new Bishop of Rome, which is the Pope. By: Shelby Trylong, Spencer Hickey,
JP Kotso, & Juan Nunez The Papacy Conclave Rules > Swear to absolute secrecy
> No outside world communication
> Swept for listening devices
> Vote by committee is not permitted
> Two technicians, medical personnel, & several assistants Contenders for the next Pope Voting > Voting begins

> Ballots are counted

> Voting schedule

> Determining a winner Pope Announcement > Ballots are burned > The conclave has been the method of selecting the Pope for the Church for over the past 700 years. >The conclave is the oldest ongoing method for choosing the leader of an institution. * Black smoke - no pope elected * White - success! > One record kept in the
Vatican archives
> Chooses papal name
> Pledge obedience
> Vested in white
> "Habemus paparn" >Long vacancies between popes made Pope Gregory X decree, during the Second Council of Lyons, in 1274, that the cardinals should be locked in seclusion until the new Pope is elected. >cum clave is Latin for "with a key" * " We have a pope." >Conclaves are held in the Sistine Chapel of the Apostolic Palace. Exclusive privileges Who Runs the Vatican After the Pope Resigns? QUIZ 1. What does habemus paparn mean? -Joao Braz de Aviz(Brazil, 65)- low profile; brings fresh ideas -Timothy Dolan(USA, 63)- Voice of U.S. Catholicism; Archbishop of N.Y. -Peter Erdo(Hungry, 60)-Two terms head of European bishops council -Sean O'Malley(USA, 68)-Big part in settling sex abuse scandals in U.S. -Marc Ouellet (Canada, 68)-Head of the Congregation for Bishops -Odilo Scherer (Brazil, 63)- Latin America's strongest candidate -Christoph Schoenborn (Austria, 67)- former student of BXVI -Angelo Scola (Italy, 71) - archbishop of Milan -Luis Tagle (Philippines, 55)- young and charismatic; close to BXVI -Peter Turkson (Ghana, 64)- top African candidate; head of Vatican justice and peace bureau -Gianfranco Ravasi (Italy, 70)-Professor; Vatican culture minister -Leonardo Sandri (Argentina, 69)- Vatican chief of staff 2000-2007 2. What is a conclave?

3. What does the word Pope mean?

4. What is a camerlengo? After the Pope resigns the Vatican is run similar to a democracy and is headed by the College of Cardinals instead of Parliament
The Pope assigns people to different positions such as: Deputy Governor and Auditor General
At the head of this pseudo-Parliament is a person who holds the position of Camerlengo which is similar to a Prime Minister
The Camerlengo's powers are limited and is in charge of the money and property of the Church
There is also a Vice-Camerlengo Pope Benedict Has Resigned, What Happens Next? There is no customary mourning period since the Pope did not die.
A conclave is where the Vatican decides the next Pope by locking all the Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel until they come up with a decision.
The cardinal-electors are forbidden to contact the outside world until the conclave is over.
Any cardinal who was nominated in pectore is excluded from the conclave. He has precedence of jurisdiction and honor over all the bishops
The titles of the Pope.
The Pope assumes a new name when he is elected.
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