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Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy

No description

Julie Osborne

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy

Protagonist- Sylvia Perlmutter Rozines Antagonist-Nazis Hero- Germany’s in the army Raising Action- In 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland. Before the invasion, Syvia and her family lived in Lodz. When her father heard rumors of the impending German invasion, the family traveled by buggy to Warsaw. The family was unable to find work or housing in Warsaw, so they returned to Lodz. When the Germans did invade, they forced Syvia's family to relocate, along with other Lodz-area Jews, into a segregated section of the city, a ghetto. When they were put in the ghetto they live in what was like apartments to us but where very small. They didn’t have a lot of food. Sylvia mother, father, and sister. But after being in the ghetto they started taking the children to death camps. Sylvia’s father did everything to keep her here her sister got to stay because she was working. Her father had found a room in the bottom of apartments and hid 12 kids.
Climax-When World War 2 started the ghetto became easier to live in for the adults.
Falling Action when World 2 was in battle the Jews were let free and only 12 kids walked out a live and Sylvia was one of them.
Themes- The main theme is not to take your family and life for granted. Anything could happen to you in just a short amount of time. Or that you should be judge by what you are what you look like and how you look. Conflict- Person vs. society-Jews vs., Hitler’s law, Syvia vs., ghetto rules, Papa vs. Nazi roles. Person vs. nature-Family vs. weather, Syvia vs. starvation. Person vs. self - Syvia “mouse” vs. brave-pear incident, weak Syvia vs. strong-alerting that Nazis are leaving. Favorite Quote- "Why do they hate us because we're Jews?" and "Is my doll a Jew too?" Syvia said this over and over again. Literary Devices- Flashback- Syvia went in the ghetto she would think what it would look back and think about playing outside and eating whenever she wanted to. Foreshowing- Before the Nazi invaded Lodz non-Jewish people were talking about how this guy wanted to kill all Jews. By Julie Osborne 2/3 period!
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