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michael cheung

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Galileo

Galileo Galilei What Inspired Galileo? Galileo was sitting on top of his tower one night. He pointed his telescope ( He had only made his frist telescopes that wasen't powerful) at the moon. He thought he had saw rough disinghs on the moon. After that he made an even more powerful telescopes that made objects seem 20 times their actual size. He saw mountains and vallies on the moon, this had surprised him a lot. This mae him want to explored space. What was Galileo's main discoveries This is one of Galileo's drawings of the moon What were the Catholics like in the 1500-1600 hundreds Some of Galileo's main discoveries are... That the moon surface was not flat and smooth, but that it had mountain and vallies. Jupitur and its moons That there are to type of stars
One is a Still Star (like the sun of the our solar system)
While the other on is the Wandering Stars (Planets) Also the phases of Venus Saturn And that the Sun is in the middle of the solar system Galileo made a book about Jupiturs moons (he thought they were stars) and called them the Medicean stars. He wrote a book called The Stary Messenger. the book was about his dicoveries and about the moons of jupitur. Galileo was a math teacher and one of his former students Cosimo de' Medici also know as Cosimo 11 the Grand Duke of Tuscany. When his father died in 1609. The reson why he called the moons Medicean stars was because it was named after their name. So he sent him a book and a telecope and because of his flattery Cosimo 11 made him Chief Mathematician at University of Pisa. When Galileo looked through his telecope he notice that saturn was not perfectly round (it is perfectly round). He thought that it looked like it had..... EARS! Which it doesnt. It was Just the rings of Saturn The Catholics were rich and powerful. Who ever went againest their believes would be killed and all of the person valus and property would be taken.
This made Galileo's life in danger because he believed that the sun was in the middle of the solar system. The Catholics called this believe heretical because in their scriptur it said " O lord my god... thou fix earth upon its foundation, not it move forver" and if you believe in heretical things you would be killed. What equipent did Galileo use Galileo use the telecope to look out into space and to study things like the moon. He didnt use that one. He made and used ones that looked like this. Another thing that Galileo used was... Geometric Compass The Geometrict Compass is used to make mathamatical questions easier. The reason why Galileo may haved used this because it can help him when he trys to figur out the distance apart of the plaents. What are the Consequence of Galileo's exploration The Consequence of Galileo's exploration put his life at risk because his beliefs went againest the Catholics belief which made him go to trial at Rome at 1633 to see if guilty or not of heresy. When he was found guilty his books he wrote were banned and was sent to jail. Later on he was able to go home but in house arrest for the rest of his life at December 1633. 1642 Galileo died of old age.
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