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The ways of Barney Stinson

No description

Birte Manaa

on 3 July 2012

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Transcript of The ways of Barney Stinson

The hot/crazy chart
fathers with different flashbacks
in the episode "Showdown"
Bob Barker
(TV-Show-Moderator: The Price Is Right)
(first grows up with it)
Jerome Whittaker (believed as uncle)
Barney's job
bought by the AltruCell Corporation
they are famous for producing that yellow fuzzy stuff on tennis balls
actually are in the Oil-,rocket-, and weapon industry
Barney describes the GNB as a "place that makes the employee save"
What does Barney do?
nobody knows for sure
He once is titled as the 'subcommittee's leader'
at the job, always does fun stuff
Ted and Marshall at the GNB
Marshall works in the legal department of AltruCell, later GNB
Ted is building the new headquarter for GNB
Mother : Loretta Stinson
So what does he actually do?
Bob Barker
shredding paper
calling his friends
hook up with girls
sing GNB-jingles
"war" with a guy in the bureau across the street
Jerome Whittaker
Brother : James Stinson
Ted Mosby
Marshall Eriksen
Lily Aldrin
Robin Sherbatsky
Quinn Garvey
Laser tag
magic tricks
his blog

she raised her children (James and Barney) alone
in the childhood of Barney she never told him who his real father was
she wants to be enough of a parent
she wishes that her children live a happy life with a family
Barney hires actors to make his mother happy
(Margaret Betty, Grand Tyler)
Barney's Habits
suit up
high five
ways to get rid of girls
Barney's Habits
dedicated his life to one-night stands
in the episode "Natural History"
Barney's Habits
gambling problem
Barney's Rules
he bis black and Barney is white
father Sam Bibbs
allways the opposite of Barney
is married (Tom)
have good relationship
First meet: men's room of MacLaren's in 2001
each others' wingman bros
one of the best friends' the best friend
joined on some of Barney's crazy methods to pick up girls
close friends, brothers and formercoworkers
wedding better relationship
have a unique friendship
the first woman who slept at his apartment and didn't have sex
"forbidden fruit" attracts him
more brother and sister relationship
was his collage sweetheart
the reason why Barney is like today
first just firend like the others
his first real lover
became his wingman sex feelings love
but did not work out just good friend
but in the last episode it is hown that she is going to be his wife
new love after Robin
first meet: drunk train
they were a good couple
he proposes to Quinn accepted
"one" rule
Barney's Habits
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