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Realty Commander Short Sales Presentation

No description

Paul Van Kirk

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Realty Commander Short Sales Presentation


. Revolutionize Your Real Estate Business Lee Moraitis presented by Managing Partner ELK Software We’re seeing quite a bit of activity increasing in the short sale industry this year and I believe it will continue well into 2014,” said Wingspan Portfolio Advisors CEO Steven Horne. Over the past year, short sales have increased considerably and are rapidly establishing themselves as a tool of choice for both Realtors and servicers. “Last year we set a new record for short sales, we passed the 1 million mark for the first time in history,” added Rick Sharga, executive vice president of Carrington Mortgage.
Short sales aren’t easy. There’s a lot to do, they take forever, and working with the banks, well, let’s face it, they aren't making the process any easier.
There are so many people to communicate with: the homeowners, the agent, processors, banks, and even your own staff. You have to keep everyone on the same page and on the same schedule so your information is complete, correct, and on time.
And then, there’s all of that paperwork. An endless pile of documents where all of your T’s must be crossed, and your I’s dotted or you fall into a perpetual paper chase, or worse yet, get buried at the bottom of an inbox for months.
Make it past all of that, and it still seems that so many deals never make it to close. It makes you wonder, why the heck am I doing these things anyhow?
. Knowledge and Expertise: Lee and Erik are short sale pros, who perfected Commander to run their own short sale businesses before making it available to thousands of users around the country. Commander: Designed to streamline the process, save you time, keep you organized and help you get more deals to closing.

. 9 Vegas
Baby! Vegas
Baby! 7 “My assistant and I were able to start using Realty Commander the first day and we've been killing it ever since. In the first month of using RC we doubled our approval letters from previous month. The second month we doubled again. I have now hired 2 full time negotiators and I am able to track what they do daily. Commander has given me two things that I really needed...money and most importantly TIME.”

-Tod Barton, Broker, Keller Williams - Las Vegas

. Las Vegas . .
Automate Showings
with Realty Commander No need to re-enter information
Drag-and-drop date changes
Send confirmation e-mails from
within Commander
Automatically includes file info, map and showing/lock box information

. .

. Enhanced Custom Searches • Dozens of Search Criteria
Export Data to Run Reports • Be More Productive
Share Searches with Team Members • Save Searches
Document management received a huge upgrade as well.

An Interactive Document Checklist
Unlimited Document Storage
Tailor your short sale packages to be exactly what you need
Use the new search feature to locate your required documents
Save your checklists for future use
Share checklists with your team.

. T H A N K Y O U R E A L T Y C O M M A N D E R Offer Management- Keep track of all offers submitted on your listing with this easy to use offer tracking tool. short sales may only be a niche, but last year they were a 22% niche of all homes sold in the U.S. Are you getting and completing your share of short sales? Going Paperless is more than just a trend it’s the future of real estate. Here are some reasons to get paperless in 2013: Consumers are clamoring for it
It’s cost-effective
Compliance… Compliance… Compliance
Better Control
It’s good for the environment It takes more than the right staff and team, you need a system to reach your full potential. Individual Agents: Streamline your business by holding team members accountable. Commander will eliminate the once never-ending paper chase with multiple pipeline views, task notifications and smart calendar features. Individual Agents: Streamline your business by holding team members accountable. Commander will eliminate the once never-ending paper chase with multiple pipeline views, task notifications and smart calendar features. Secure 24/7 Online Access: Take control of your schedule and increase efficiency. Access your files from anywhere, any time to update information, communicate with all parties associated with a file, or distribute documents. Paperless: Save money and stay compliant. With a paperless transaction solution, you can provide consumers with a "green" product they want, while you maintain control over your documents and information. Compliance: Avoid potentially expensive situations due to agents using outdated or modified documents. Keep Everyone on Task: Let Commander help your team stay organized and productive. From Daily Task emails, to an easy to follow drag-and-drop calendar Commander helps eliminate the delays in your transaction. “Since my staff and I started using Realty Commander I’ve seen a significant increase in productivity. The process is smoother, I have more accurate record keeping, and my level of customer service has improved greatly.”
-Mark Boyland, Broker, GRI, ABR, CRS, CDPEPartner
Keller Williams NY Realty, NY

. New York . Bank Forms- A comprehensive library of forms required by each lender, including special disclosures required to be signed up front by the seller.
Bank Contact Library- All the names and phone/fax numbers for each of the major lenders. This data will automatically populate when that bank is chosen for a particular property.
Short Sale Package Builder- Build a professional short sale package with the click of a mouse with the loan numbers on every page.
HUD Editor- Take full control of all your HUDs by creating and editing the new version of the HUD directly from within Commander. The next generation in real estate transaction management software.
All of Short Sale Commanders functionality built on a brand new platform.
Lots of new, powerful tools!
. Customization of System- Processes can be tailored to your workflow, while your client interface can be branded for a seamless experience. E-Mail Tracking- Automatically logs all sent & received emails in the Activity Log and uploads any documents attached in the Documents Tab. Contact Management- Easily manage all of your contacts. Easy one button Facebook and Twitter connect. Be at the pulse of your business. Smart Calendar- Lets you see your tasks and other important property dates in monthly, weekly or daily views. Now built with everything for the Buyer's Agency as well! Lead Management- Listing Agents Can Easily Distribute, Track and Receive Buyer’s Leads. We know it can help save you time, get more deals to closing, and make more money. We have thousands of users doing exactly that right now. But we want you to see for yourself, so what we’re doing is a 60 day free trial for all attendees today. No start-up fees. No long-term contracts. Realty Commander -
A Great Product for You and Your Team
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