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Modern Christianity in Africa

Team Africa

Team Africa!

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Modern Christianity in Africa


Blauer,Ettagale and Laure,Jason
“Enchantment of the World”, New York City 2006 How did Christianity start in Nigeria?
In the 1800’s Christian missonaires sailed to Nigeria
Brittish Missionaires also helped foster the spread of Christianity
The Atlantic Ocean was on the coast of Nigeria were sailers and trade came to spread Christianity.


What modes of transportation were used to reach Nigeria?
Boats sailed to join and spread religion
Assembly if churches made inroads
Mainly ships,boats.
What time period did Christianity spread to Nigeria?
 Big Era 6.
  Movement Tanzania Before and After Christianity
Before After
-Most of Tanzania -30% of Tanzania is
practiced Islam Christian.
-A big part of the -Christianity tied
population didn't with Islam for most
practice any religon. popular religon.
-Tanzania's people -Christianity was
were very poor and established in the
had no hope for a 1840's.
better future. - Christian church
-Christianity was influenced
first introduced to education.
Tanzania when -Many people have
Roman Catholic trained in
Franciscans missonaires
etablished -The Christian
missons around missonaires soon
1505-1513. became aware of
the great needs
resulting from the
slave trade and
started to
  evangelize people.
St Anthony’s Cathedral
Located in Tanga
Started in 1893 by Holy Ghost Fathers
St Maurus Hanga Abbey
Located in Hanga and founded in 1957
Hanga abbey was created to allow the Tanzania population to live in the spirit of St. Benedict
St Theresa Metropolitan Cathedral
Located in Arusha, TZ
Its patron saint is St Therese
Founded in 1926
Nyakahoja Primary School
It is a catholic primary school
located in the North of Tanzania in Mwanza region within Mwanza city and not fair from the shores of Lake Victoria
St Augustine University Of Tanzania
Established in 1998
It is a Catholic University
Located in Nyegezi Maimbe area
Owned and managed by the Catholic church Place and Human Environmental Interaction: Human Features Indian Ocean
Helped transportation and communication about Christianity into Tanzania
The Nile River
Many people traveled on the Nile River to reach Tanzania and settle down there
This happened around the late 15th century
Mount Kilomanjaro
Made it hard for travelers reach Tanzania so many traveled in big groups to the other side
Lake Victoria
Famous attraction that brought people here to admire the lake. All the people brought Christianity with them when they settled down Place and Human Environmental Interaction: Physical Features South Africa borders on the Atlantic ocean in the west, on Namibia in the northwest, on Bostswana and Zimbabwe in the north, on Mazambique and Swziland in the north east and south.
Africa is in the southern hemisphere. Location and Region Kwa- Zulunatel


Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique
Water: Atlantic ocean, Indian Ocean
South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere. Location and Region Christianity in Modern
Africa! By: Miranda Perez,
Isabella Devine, Gianni Spinella, and Tyler Bost Lake Victoria Port in Nigeria South Africa Map-South Africa Nyakahoja Primary School Christian Church in Nigeria.
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