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An Animal Cell Is Like Gymnastics

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Grace Wilson

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of An Animal Cell Is Like Gymnastics

The nucleus controls the activities of the cell. The nucleus is like the gymnast because the gymnast controls what skills she will complete.
Lysosomes break down waste materials in order to digest them. Chalk breaks down the moisture on a gymnast's hand so she doesn't slip off the bar.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane protects the cell from its surroundings. The cell membrane is like the mats because they protect the gymnast from injuring herself when she falls.
Mitochondria makes energy in the from of ATP. The food and water that gymnasts eat and drink provide them with energy so they can practice more.
The functions of the ribosomes is to synthesize or make proteins for the cell. The ribosomes are like a choreographer because a choreographer makes a routine for the gymnast.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The rough endoplasmic reticulum prepares the proteins for export. This like how the coaches prepare the gymnast to leave the gym and compete at a meet.
Golgi Apparatus
The golgi apparatus processes and packages proteins. This is like the judges table at a gymnastics meet because the judges at this table process the scores and put or package them into one score sheet.
Cytoplasm is a jelly like material that holds all the organelles. This is like the floor in a gym because it holds all the events.
An Animal Cell Is Like Gymnastics
The vacuole stores enzymes and waste products. The vacuole is like the chalk bowl that stores chalk for the gymnasts to use on the bars.
The microtubules help with support, movement and cell division. This is similar to how the coach helps and supports the gymnast with her movement when she is trying new skills.
Chromosomes help to assure that DNA is accurately copied and distributed in order for cell division to be successful. This would be like the office at a gym because it holds information,like DNA, on a gymnast that needs to be accurately distributed to the league in order for her to compete.
The cilia are short hairs that assist in movement. This would be like the bus that gymnasts take to competitions because it helps move them from their gym to the competition.
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