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Affordable Public Housing Agency

Chama Talis

on 21 February 2010

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Transcript of APHA

APHA Affordable Public Housing Agency It's The Year- And 25% Of The American
Population Is Unemployed And Over
200,000 Families Are Homeless 1933 Americans are starting to get frustrated
Not only are they crowding the streets but they are 'intruding' on the lives of the common man
Homelessness is getting worse and it needs to be addressed OUR PLAN- Create cheap housing
for homeless Americans
and help them get back
on their feet But, not many non-homeless people care about what the homeless families of today are feeling Low Income Housing
Free Overnight Living Make Everyday
Necessities Available
To The Homeless Establish Soup Kitchens
Establish Public Bathing Facilities HAZARDS TO HEALTH- Homeless people are becoming sicker and sicker every day they remain on the streets
Homeless people do not have access to medical treatments when they fall ill
Illnesses becoming more common and more serious
Diseases include pneumonia LOW INCOME HOUSING- Actual New York Times
Headline From
December 11, 1932 Public apartment style housing with one-two bedrooms depending on the size of the renting party
For unemployed people or families to minimum wage earning people or families
Does not include individual kitchens, includes a pantry for non-perishables
Ground floor of building will have communal soup kitchen for both housing residents and needy community members
Apartments will cost two dollars for the first two months, then six dollars a month after two months FREE OVERNIGHT LIVING- For the most needy families or individuals
Not for extended stay or for more than three consecutive nights
Warm bed at night and a free meal in the morning
Will not provide individual rooms or apartments for the party staying
Consist of multiple large rooms with 75 individual twin sized beds with fresh sheets and blankets
Many parties at a time will sleep in the same large room
Attendants will receive free meal in the morning, not be able to reserve beds for the next night until 5:00 pm
All rooms will NOT be segregated ESTABLISH SOUP KITCHENS- One free meal a day
Only dinner is served, served from 5:00 pm-9:00 pm
The kitchens will be both heated and air conditioned with multiple tables and benches
Will have room for up to 150 individuals
All soup kitchens will NOT be segregated ESTABLISH PUBLIC
BATHING FACILITIES- Both baths and showers available to residents of the city and of the public housing where the facility will be located
Hot water and soap for bathing needs, other water and detergent for washing clothes provided
Men and women will be separated
Open all day and night to be convenient for all people
All bathing facilities will NOT be segregated WHO WILL THE
APHA HELP? Homeless Americans hid hard by Depression
Families without homes or food for their children to eat
Most homelessness takes place in cities, APHA will build most shelters in cities New York City, Chicago
Rural areas are also being hit hard, to help the homeless rate go down the APHA will build in rural areas with highest rate of homelessness
These areas need APHA's help, their homelessness rate is the highest and it is not decreasing THE APHA'S HELP
LASTING After it has been active for three years the efficiency will be evaluated
The rate of homelessness in America in the year 1936 will be compared to the rate today
If the rate does not go down then the program will be altered
fellow Brain Trust member Hugh Samuel Johnson will oversee the agency and report proficiency to the president Thank You Mr. President
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