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Intelligent Transportation System

Initial Presentation of FYP

Waqas Shah

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Intelligent Transportation System

ITS for a Metropolitan City
Group Members
Project Deliverables/Outputs
A Framework for Traffic Signal Actuation.
Using the same detectors/sensors for data collection for an ITS.
A complete Network Framework for a “Centralized” Traffic Control and Management System for a Metropolitan city.
The software package for “Traffic Control and Management System”
An Android/IOS app that will tell the End-User the quickest route for a particular destination.

Work Flow Algorithm
Muhammad Farhan
Waqas Nabi Shah
Muhammad Kamran
Fawad Akhtar
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Usman
Syed Waqar Haider


Breif Overview & Background
With the onset of 21st century, the world has seen a rapid increase in technology advancement. In a small time of merely 13 years, IT has almost completely taken over the world.
Computers are now being used in almost every field of life.
The world has seen a lot of advancement in ‘Traffic Control and Management Systems’.
Under the broad category of ‘Intelligent Transportation Systems’, the developed countries now have a very effective traffic control and management system that allows them to not only effectively use the existing facilities but also to correctly determine the traffic volume demand and rate it versus capacity.
Such systems have numerous more applications.
Pakistan is yet devoid of any proper ITS. In the past, there was seldom any need for such a system because of low demand.
But with the passage of time, the increase in demand for travel by ‘Personal Transport’ and ‘Public Transport’ is causing the transportation system to reach the limits of its existing capacity.
Now if ever there is a need for ITS.
ITS can help ease the strain through the application of modern information and communication technologies.
Output Data Types
Output Data Types
Inductive Loop Detector
Output Data Types
Inductive Loop
Areas of Application
What We Are Doing
Traffic Signal Actuation
Determination of Quickest Route via Android/iOS
What else is Possible
Emergency vehicle notification systems
Automatic road enforcement
Variable speed limits
Collision avoidance systems
Rapid Mass Evacuation Facilitated
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