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Music Therapy Presentation for Siriraj

No description

Dena Register

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Music Therapy Presentation for Siriraj

Therapy Patients respond to preferred music
Preferred music can be stimulative or sedative
Preferred stimulative and sedative music is paired with observable, measurable patient behaviors to increase or decrease arousal level or patient response OTHER PRINCIPLES
OF MUSIC THERAPY With my words I Welcome You.
With my thoughts I Welcome You.
With my heart I Welcome You. Funga alafia, Ah-shay, Ah-shay
Funga alafia, Ah-shay, Ah-shay
Funga alafia, Ah-shay, Ah-shay
Funga alafia, Ah-shay, Ah-shay INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE



CO-TREATMENT Music is an ideal
Therapeutic Medium because… Goals that are documented for improvement in a particular developmental domain such as:
Fine Motor Function
Gross Motor Function
Emotional-Psychological Non-music Goals are… A music therapist has:

Training and supervision by a music therapist educator or
Holds a degree in music therapy at either the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree level

Training in piano, guitar, and voice

Philosophy that includes family and patient-centered care, including a desire to help patients increase or maintain the quality-of-life of the client

Has additional training in psychology, counseling, special needs, anatomy and physiology Trained Professional means: Rhythm
Regulation system and pulse

How fast or slow, works closely with rhythm

How loud or soft, indicates force (strong/weak)

Creates structure and defines similarities/ differences Musical Elements
include various aspects of music like: Music therapy is
the use of
to reach
and is delivered by a
TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. What is Music Therapy? Singing Movement Listening Instrument Playing Music Therapy in the Medical Setting Neonatal Intensive Care
Pediatric Care (Chronic, Outpatient & Inpatient)
Procedural Support
Labor & Delivery
Cardiac Care
Palliative Care/End-of-Life
Oncology (Adult & Pediatric) Music Therapy Research Relieves perception of pain
Reduces stress and anxiety
Reduces need for sedation and analgesia
Improved respiration
Lower blood pressure
Improved cardiac output
Reduced heart rate
Relaxed muscle tension
Decrease exam time or LOS for some patients
Cost effective Dena Register, Ph.D., MT-BC Introduction to Happiness May the Road Rise to Meet You
May the Wind Be Always At Your Back
May Rain Fall Soft Upon Your Fields
May the Sun Shine Warm Upon Your Face
And Until We Meet Again,
Until We Meet Again,
Health, Happiness & Peace
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