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What Did Millers Sell?

Zeena Eden

Jaci Howard

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of What Did Millers Sell?

How did Millers Grind?
Millers ground materials by using a quern stone. A quern stone is a large fixed stone on top of a movable stone. Millers would grind cereal crop to flour, and wheat to grain.
Why was the Miller Important?
The miller was important because the food that millers grind would be harder to digest without them. Also, the miller's food saves wear and tear on teeth.
What Did Millers Sell?
Millers would sell flour, and often keep some for themselves. They would sell it to the bakers, or to the wealthy who knew how to bake bread. They would also grind foodstuff and grain.
What did the Later Millers Use?
The later millers used water mills and wind mills to do the grinding work for them. The later millers then had more time to organize their things.
What Would Happen if There weren't Millers?
If there weren't millers, wheat couldn't be ground for bread. People wouldn't get any bread from the bakers because there are no millers to make flour, so the bakers wouldn't have a job.
What did the Miller Wear?
The miller would wear patched clothes, usually tan, white, or brown. Their sleeves would be half sleeves, so they could keep cool.
The End!
I hope you've enjoyed my Prezi about millers. I hope you can see how important the miller was to the medieval times.

The Miller!

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