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The Future

It is all about future technology

Ollie Potter

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of The Future

The Future
Self Stirring Coffee mug
Digital Image Toaster
Smartphone to control home
Some may even have stilts!
The schools of the future will look more like houses
No windows is a possibility
Conjoined gadgets?!
Flower Power green school
There will be more than 1000 cars like this in the future. It is based on getting over difficult obstacles.
This is what a "normal" car would look like in the future. You can even buy it from eBay for $15,000.
This is a long shot but it could happen with the apps people can buy.
This probably wont take long before it is put into production because it is the most 'easiest' thing to make.
This is one of my favourite things on this presentation because it looks the most fun. Who would of thought you could actually eat pac-man yourself!
This one is for the lazy people out there. It was made to save you time when making a good cuppa.
This idea originated in the U.S to save some money. It involves the plants making energy for the school.
Schools are too obvious now apparently and need to look more like houses and other buildings is where this idea came from
By Ollie Potter
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